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Thread: New @BIOS any thoughts from users?

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    Default Re: New @BIOS any thoughts from users?

    No, L, I wasn't using it for OC - just to check settings and voltages. At that point, without commanding anything from the app, it crashed my computer. However, that was before I had things dialed in, so could be that it was just the final straw, as it were...
    I do use it occasionally now to check things, and I'm not getting crashes. Still, back to the original topic - it *should* work to command settings and not crash!!
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    Default Re: New @BIOS any thoughts from users?

    Ahh, I see

    Was you using 5 or 6? Pro or regular?

    CPU-z and Everest is all I ever use

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    Default Re: New @BIOS any thoughts from users?

    I tried to update the bios of my K8NF-9 few hours ago. I had F2 and wanted to update to F10. From Giga site it is possible. I followed their instructions using @BIOS as my PC has not any floppydisk. I did a copy of the current bios and saved it in a folder of desktop. I tried to use the function "update automatically by internet" and it said the bios release was already the last and most updated (??? it is the F2 and I want F10!!). I tried to search from server and it could not find it. Then I tried to instal from the file the F10 release (the one I had downloaded before from the giga site), it ran the installation until 50% then it said "flashing failed", then I reloaded the old version (always by the file obtained from @BIOS) and I tried to reset. The PC, on the boot, displayed only the bios release, the clock, the memory check and then a black page. If I tried to enter the bios setup, it seems it enters but then it stops and doesn't show the classical blue page with menu.
    What is happened? How can I do? I did all the steps from Gigabyte instructions, but now I am in trouble! Is it possible that the flash device is defective? Is this @BIOS program that doesn't work properly as it seems from this forum?

    Please can anyone advise me what to do? If I put a floppy disk and try to install the standard F2 release, will it work? I do not think because floppy was not a disk for my bios ...

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    Default Re: New @BIOS any thoughts from users?

    Quote Originally Posted by Leonardo Ma View Post
    I tried to update the bios of my K8NF-9 few hours ago. I had F2 and wanted to update to F10.
    What moral do you learn from this, you had it running for 10 years which must be a record what made you flash BIOS?

    Try to clear CMOS, disconnect the power or turn off the PSU, press power to discharge capacitors, and short the CLR_CMOS pins for few minutes, remove the short, power up and try to enter BIOS.

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    Default Re: New @BIOS any thoughts from users?

    As you have AMD AMD Athlon™64 X2/ 64 FX/ 64 socket 939 platform (NON Intel) board ,must use specific utilities.
    Your board is here (BIOS F2 is Rev.1.x !!):
    BIOS page:
    GIGABYTE - Motherboard - Socket 939 - GA-K8NF-9 (rev. 1.x)
    Utilities page:
    GIGABYTE - Motherboard - Socket 939 - GA-K8NF-9 (rev. 1.x)

    As noted ,latest BIOS is F12k.
    Per spec. your board has only one BIOS hope you didn't BRICK.

    Which @BIOS you used ?
    Beside @BIOS,you can flash new BIOS with Q-Flash or with bootable USB in DOS.
    No floppy required.
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