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Thread: GIGABYTE GA-EP45-DS3R (LSD I'm Back Baby)

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    CPU Vcore <<<< 1.57500v <---After vdroop 1.46v
    Shouldn't be like that anyone with this board have a bad vdroop? Or what board if anyone can tell me that they have don't have this type of Vdroop! Now that I look online seems that this board is known for its bad vdroop! A overclockers nightmare and so far no mod

    I know most people would be happy stable at 3.6GHz but if I have a good chip I want to push it more and last thing I want is to have my board hold me back! I had to buy 2 q6600 just to get the VID I was looking for and now to find out its the board! I even went to 1.6000v in bios when windows starts its at 1.4875v then at idle 1.47v not sure if the higher I go if the vdroop is getting worst but it sure does seem that way! I'm trying for 3.8Ghz Btw
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    Default Re: GIGABYTE GA-EP45-DS3R (LSD I'm Back Baby)

    Yes, there are boards with less Vdroop. but it is a Intel design, and is SUPPOSED to be there so you do not kill your CPU.

    I am sure Merman will post here more info for you, he seems to know alot about it, more then I like to educate myself! HAHA I just can't keep interested in it I guess, It is a bit in depth, and I just overshoot it and not worry.

    Here is some of his nice posts about Vdroop/vdrop and how it works >>>

    Well it may be worse higher, and may not. But All ranges do have different amounts tied to them, so you may want to try all between what you did just post about

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