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Thread: help!bios problem!

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    Default help!bios problem!

    hi all.i need some help 2004 i bought i pc with gigabyte mobo(8ik1100).
    ga-8ik1100 rev2 .(at the begining i did know that it was rev 1 too)
    cpu p4 2.8 ht
    2*512 seitec ddr 400 pc3200
    liberty power 400 W
    sata raid controler at pci
    ge force 6600 gt 256 ddr3

    mobo it cames with fa bios version.but...i had problems with the serial ata devices so i gave back the mobo for update and when i took it back..when i open it it was with f8.i didn't that this was strange...all was fine.before 3 days i update it my self to f13...and after that i tryed to install 2 more 512. kingston 512 ddr 400.the 4 rams at slots 1-4 , 2-5.(dual chanel cpu->enable).so i open the found 2 giga ram but...when cames the screen welcome(at windows) it's restarts again and i make some test.
    it was working with 3 rams!! all fine
    it was working with 2 rams!! one kingston one seitec (i made this test cause maybe rams don't synchronised)
    so i started to search the internet and i found that at the gigabyte site 8ik1100 rev2 mobo says :question-> When installed 4 dimms of DDR400 memory, system became unstable.
    Please update bios to ver Fbc or later.
    then i learn that is 2 similiar mobos rev 1 rev 2. and the rev 2 has similiar bios to my first fA .. so i look at the bottom of mobo and it says REV 2
    ...i am supposed to have fj and NOT f8 or f13 bios... :(
    i didn't know that...and after update to the f13 when i going to bios->freq voltage control cpu is at 1.4625v but some time from it self is at 1.08v
    when i tryed to install the fA or f J bios when it loads the file says -> BIOS ID CHECK ERROR
    i must install the rev 2 bios back!!!!
    sorry for my english... :(
    and i hope someone can help me.i really need some help

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    Default Re: help!bios problem!

    Do you have the BIOS you need for Rev 2? How are you trying to flash? In DOS or does your board have a Qflash program you can load from the BIOS With the F8 key?

    If you are using a windows based flash program, meaning within windows while it is running then that may by why it errors. I would use DOS. I posted Guide on how to flash here, maybe it can help you more >>>

    Here is ALL the BIOS's for your board Rev. 2 >>>
    GIGABYTE - Support - Motherboard - BIOS - GA-8IK1100 (Rev 2.x)

    If you do not get it flashed, I would send it back and tell them they put in the wrong one

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