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Thread: GA-EP35-DS3L - E8400 E0 - update bios?

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    Default GA-EP35-DS3L - E8400 E0 - update bios?

    come monday i will be purchasing a GA-EP35-DS3L and an E8400 with the new E0 stepping. listed on the gigabyte site it shows version F5 to support new E0 stepping, "Update CPU microcode(Support Intel Wolfdale/Yorkfield E0-stepping CPU)". i will purchasing from newegg. should i update the bios if it doesnt come with F5? im going to be trying to OC the cpu to 4ghz. i know that bios version F4 will work with the E8400, but im not sure about the newer E0 stepping.


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    Default Re: GA-EP35-DS3L - E8400 E0 - update bios?

    Well it will likely work with either, but maybe better with F5. So you would just have to test both.

    Just so you know, all BIOS's for that board F1-F5 support the 8400. But the E0 version CPU may perform better with F5, but only tests will let you know. It may not work at all without F5, so you may want to keep or get a older 775 CPU on hand incase you have to flash to F5 to use a E0 CPU

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    Default Re: GA-EP35-DS3L - E8400 E0 - update bios?

    Not the same board and not the same cpu, but maybe a similar situation:
    GA-EP35C-DS3R with E8500 E0.
    Board came with firmware F2, while F3 was said to support the new E0 stepping. Installing the cpu on the board with F2, it's default settings came up with FSB 333 and multiplier 9 (which leads to 3.0GHz instead of 3.16GHz). Also, the RAM settings were not correct. After flashing to F3, it recognised everything as it should be. So yeah, I would suggest flashing it!

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