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Thread: LSD help me ^_^ i cant get my new rams stable on high bus frequency

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    Question LSD help me ^_^ i cant get my new rams stable on high bus frequency

    i just bought a ram for my ep45 DS3R

    team xtreem dark 1066 5-5-5-15 @ 2.2V

    i need settings that will let me make this rams stable @ 1187mhz my memory latch is 200. 3.33c this is the only latch that let me boot up on high memory bus frequency

    ACT to ACT Delay (tRRD)________ auto
    Rank Write to READ Delay (tWTR)_______ auto
    Write to Precharge Delay (tWR)________ auto
    Refresh to ACT Delay (tRFC)___________ 42 (2X1Gb)
    Read to Precharge Delay (tRTP)_________ auto
    Static tRead Value (tRD)______________ 7 (1066Mhz)
    Static tRead Phase Adjust________ auto

    my voltage:

    Cpu PLL___________1.5V
    CPU termination_____1.3-1.4V( i tried both)
    Cpu Reference______0.760 stock
    Cpu V core_________1.43750(but due to v droop this is not accurate)
    d ram voltage_______2.2V
    d ram termination____auto
    dram referance A____auto
    D ram reference B___auto

    MCH voltage_______1.3~ 1.4(tested both)
    MCH/Dram reference auto
    Mch reference_____ auto

    another is 200 latch, 2.66c 946mhz and its stable on OCCT 2 hours

    i cant let it boot on 400mhz latch. theres 1.13x there lower mhz than the 200 latch 3.33c but i cant get it to boot.

    i tried 333 latch, only succesful on 2.40B 856mhz when i tried 3.33b 1187mhz i can't get it to boot.

    heres my specs.

    [email protected] 3.2GHZ 356x9 set 1.43750 on bios but on Cpu Z 1.392~1.3760 idle load 1.3760`1.34x this is because of the v droop of my board.
    GA ep45 DS3R
    team xtreem dark 1066

    please help me make my rams stable :P
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    Default Re: LSD help me ^_^ i cant get my new rams stable on high bus frequency

    Maybe more volts? I dont know much about a E4300

    Try 655-18 for main timings
    Refresh to ACT Delay (tRFC)___________ 50
    Static tRead Value (tRD)______________ 8-10

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