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Thread: How to overclock PC2-8500??

  1. Question How to overclock PC2-8500??

    I read on a post that all PC2-8500 memory modules need to be manually overclocked to acheive actual 8,500 MB/s @ 1066 Mhz.

    I don't think I understand exactly what that means.

    Does that mean overclocking the memory as in lowering the CAS number?

    Or might it include overclocking the CPU as well to acheive over 1066 FSB?? Not sure that makes any sense. duh. Uh...I had 1066 Mhz FSB with the E6700 processor at stock speed.

    I dunno.


    Pardon me, still quite new at all this OCing stuff.

    Could someone explain??


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    Default Re: How to overclock PC2-8500??

    No, it means manually setting the System memory multiplier and correctly setting the Rams timings and ram voltages and possibly MCH voltage depending on the sticks.

    All 1066 ram is programmed with a JEDEC programming profile for 800MHz, and that is what the system will use. Now some modules also have a 1066 Mhz SPD/XMP profile which certain boards will pick up once the correct voltage is set, or the board itself sees the profile in which case the user may not have to set the timings but would still have to set the Voltages

    Ram Freq is not the same as CPU freq. Ram speed is calculated by the following >>>
    CPU FSB X System Memory Multiplier = Ram Freq

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