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Thread: @ LSD a lil help pls

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    Default @ LSD a lil help pls

    Hey i remember you said i would need to remove the "jumper" on my Hard drive.. to make it run faster then 1.5

    I didnt see anything like you described. Is there a way to tell if my HDD is running at 3.0 or w/e it is suppose to be at instead of the 1.5?

    Also what were the BIOS settings you said to use to get my comp at 3.6 instead of 3.0ghz ?

    Also will overclocking to 3.6 make my computer any hotter or put it in any danger? Are there any side effects?

    Heres my specs:
    Gigabyte ep45 ds3r
    e8400 @ 3.00ghz
    4gigs of COrsair but only reading 3.25 cuz im running windows 32bit
    Corshair 520w PSU
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    Default Re: @ LSD a lil help pls

    1. Seagate drives have jumpers set to 1.5GB; You should remove it to get 3GB/s - Your motherboard supports SATA II. Increase of speed is not very big, but You will get the best for this drive. 2. If You are not afraid of Bios - set CPU host frequency to 400MHz and CPU Vcore to about 1.3V. I think You may leave rest settings to auto for this speed. 3. +0.6GHz overclocking will not make E8400 too hot, even with stock cooler when it is mounted correctly with thermal paste. 4. Any 32 Bit Windows can recognise up to 4GB system memory, including video and audio memories. For instance: new graphics cards have 512MB memory which make Windows "see" only 4000MB minus 500MB equals about 3500MB=3.5GB. This is normal, only 64 Bit operating systems can work with over 4GB of memory onboard.
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    Default Re: @ LSD a lil help pls

    Quote Originally Posted by artureal View Post
    This is normal, only 64 Bit operating systems can work with over 4GB of memory onboard.
    32-bit OS can make use of more than 4GB via the PAE. Well, some 32-bit OS can ...

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    Default Re: @ LSD a lil help pls

    In your other thread.

    Please do not make a new thread each time, you get me lost. I knew I had posted for you a few times with this. I am not mad at all or anything like that, just saying you are loosing me!

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