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Thread: GA-EP35-DS3L Hangs at post screen

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    Default GA-EP35-DS3L Hangs at post screen

    I have just put together my new system and I cannot boot or get into the bios. It give a single short beep and shows the post screen but nothing after that. I have tried clearing CMOS, taking the battery out for extended time (with it unpluged), using one stick of Ram in several slots. I found a similar problem that someone else had on another forum and he resolved it by using Kingston Value ram instead Gigabyte P35-DS3L + Corsair DDR2-800 RAM - techPowerUp! Forums

    Anyone have any ideas, I am trying to find some different ram to try that?

    4Gb DDR2(800) OCZ
    Sapphire HD4850
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    Default Re: GA-EP35-DS3L Hangs at post screen

    Have you tested each stick for sure by itself in slot one to see if you can post to the BIOS that way?

    Have you ram memtest86+ on each stick one at a time to be sure none is DOA?

    Is this 2x2 or 4x1?

    I personally fell that ram is not compatible with P35, but many do get it to work. That brand I mean.

    Best to test and find one stick you know is ok, then put only that stick in slot one and post to the BIOS. The make the needed changes for 4GB of ram (Manually set Ram voltage, Add Some MCH voltage (+0.2-.3) and be sure Refresh to Act is set to 52-62

    Also, be sure Performance Enhance Is set to Standard, not the default of Turbo.

    I would also, if you still have issues, remove all unneeded hardware, such as DVD/CD drives and Hard drives. So you would only have one good stick of ram in slot one, one graphics card, and your CPU/Heatinks. Sometimes a bad Drive can cause similar issues.

    And are you SURE all connections are plugged in tight? Such as 2x4 ATX 12V?

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