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Thread: GA-P35-DS3L + FSB over 385mhz = Can't wake from vista sleep??

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    Default GA-P35-DS3L + FSB over 385mhz = Can't wake from vista sleep??

    Well, I saw the thread with people having the GA-EP45-DS3R board and having problems with blue screens after waking up from S3 sleep. I am having a similar problem, but not with the same board and not with a blue screen issue. Here is my problem:
    I have a GA-P35-DS3L V2 motherboard and anytime I set my FSB to anything higher than 385mhz (400mhz is what I run) my computer will not resume from S3 sleep at all. When I try to wake the computer up it will power on, then power off, then come back on. After the power comes back on nothing shows on the monitor and I have to manually power off the computer by holding the power button. Then once I turn the computer back on it powers on, then off, then back on again and loads the bios with stock cpu settings, not my overclocked cpu settings. If I let it boot vista says its resuming from hibernate and then loads up fine.. but with stock cpu settings. I have to then reboot, fix my cpu overclock settings and boot back into vista. I know my overclock is stable because it passed over 70hrs of Orthos and has ran fine gaming and daily computing for over a month without even being rebooted. I have tried upping the FSB and Gmuch(sp) voltages by +.1 and +.2 and that didn't help a single bit. Any one else have this problem with this board? Anyone else run 400mhz fsb and running S3 sleep mode without a problem? Any ideas? Is there another bios I should try or something? Running F8a now.
    Here are my system specs:
    - Intel E7200 @ 3.8ghz (9.5x400) 1.30v
    - 8GB Ram --> 4x 2GB GSkill 1000mhz DDR2 @ 5-5-5-15 @ 2.1v (SPD)
    - Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3L V2 w/ bios F8a

    Thanks guys!
    - Mike
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    Default Re: GA-P35-DS3L + FSB over 385mhz = Can't wake from vista sleep??

    Just updates to the F9a bios (newest on gigabyte site) and still have the same problem...

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    Default Re: GA-P35-DS3L + FSB over 385mhz = Can't wake from vista sleep??

    Ya, I thought all P35's had a BIOS udpate to fix this, but it seems not as of yet. So you will have to Use S1 sleep until a BIOS fix for your board is posted.

    This is a Known issue with Vista and 2x2GB of ram or more, P35 and P45 >>>

    Please contact Gigabyte and let them know your P35 board model also needs a update

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