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Thread: DQ6 Mboard SYS_FAN2 header question...

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    Question DQ6 Mboard SYS_FAN2 header question...

    Can someone with a DQ6 tell me whether the SysFan2 4-pin header can be configured to support PWM fans? Want to set up a complex cooling system w/Artic 'daisy-chainDaisy chain - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ' PWM fans. Can't figure it out from the manual, but also can't figure out what else a 4-pin header would be for...

    Here's what's confusing me - manual lists:

    Pin 1 - GND
    Pin 2 - +12V/Speed Control
    Pin 3 - Sense
    Pin 4 - Speed Control

    Pin 1 - GND
    Pin 2 - Speed Control
    Pin 3 - Sense
    Pin 4 - +5V

    PWM specs put PWM signal itself on pin 4, but can't make heads or tails of Gigabyte's +5V on pin 4... Could it be the PWM signal (which IS a 5V signal) is simply 'locked on' at 100%?

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