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Thread: GA-EP35-DS3L not booting at all

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    Default GA-EP35-DS3L not booting at all

    Ive had my pc running for about 2 weeks so far and last night i shut it down before i went to sleep, this morning its just not working.

    When i turn on my power all i get is the gigabyte post screen and then it just goes to BIOS CMOS or w/e. I cant do anything after that. It wont let me boot from cd or anything else. When I turn it on all i can do is change bios settings.

    I have 4 LEDs on the board that are colored (Green, Green, Orange, Red)
    I dont know if those have anything to do with the problem but ive never noticed them before.

    Ive Tried swaping my memory sticks aroud, tried a different video card but nothing works.
    Thanks for any helpyou can provide me with.
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    Default Re: GA-EP35-DS3L not booting at all

    Well, it sounds like you can at least get into BIOS. Find the template on this message board for posting your BIOS settings, and someone here (probably LSD) will help you get the right settings. It would also be helpful if you post your full system specs.
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