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Thread: Giel Memory Slower Than Crucial Ballistix??

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    Default Re: Giel Memory Slower Than Crucial Ballistix??

    Current results using Everest Ultimate:

    R - 7391MB/s
    W - 4850MB/s
    C - 5495MB/s
    L - 67.5ns

    Numbers from Memset 3.5 (from the top)


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    Default Re: Giel Memory Slower Than Crucial Ballistix??

    Ridiculous. Both are D9 chips. Both are made by Micron. Micron owns Crucial.

    You'll find that your results will vary slightly from test to test with the same memory.

    And you may indeed have a slightly better set of memory from either Giel or Crucial at any given time. But neither company is any better overall than the other and there is absolutely no difference in the chips themselves.

    The only difference between PC2-6400 and PC2-8500 is the binning. Modules with faults are binned to lower MHz. But occasionally there is no difference at all in the quality and some are binned down to fill the PC2-6400 quotas. Nothing of lesser quality is ever binned up by any manufacturer.

    So bottom line is that your test results will vary slightly from one set of RAM to the next, for every manufacturer. But to state that Crucial Ballistix has any more problems with Gigabyte boards than any other brand is total BS. As system builders for over 10 years, we've been using Crucial memory with Gigabyte boards exclusively and never.. I repeat, never had a compatibility problem. In fact I've never seen where either Crucial or Gigabyte claims Ballistix memory is not compatible with Gigabyte boards.

    DFI boards are another story. But I have yet to find any memory "brand" that isn't compatible with a Gigabyte motherboard or has more problems than any other brand.

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    Default Re: Giel Memory Slower Than Crucial Ballistix??

    Not really about incompatibility, that is why there is tested QVL's. Some brands, same chips or not have PCB and or programming compatibility issues.

    As of now though all Newer Crucials in my testing are for sure compatible.

    As for Crucial and a Gigabyte comment of ram being pulled, here is one I know of. Just chipset issues though. >>>
    NOTICE: X38/X48 Ballistix Tracers Compatibility Dropped

    Sorry you seem put off by my comments around the site (Posted a while back) I made those comments not in a "Brand" pushing way, but more to help users who were having compatibility issues.

    As I said, for sure not the case anymore anyway.

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