I dont game so I really could not say about GFX scores. I do think GPU-z has a FSP tool when you run a game, maybe not though. I also think ATITray tools will show it, as well as ATITool. Fraps is also a for sure one that will and allows screen captures and some other things >>>
FRAPS show fps, record video game movies, screen capture software

And most games themselves have settings in the console to enable/disable this, but I guess that likely varies from game to game. Here is a example >>>
In CS-CS:S and other valve games just go into the console and type cl_showfps 1, then hit enter.
Steam uses net_graph >>

Ya for 4Ghz+ you just need to bump the FSB and voltages. You will likely also have to switch to MCH 400 latch and tRD of 9