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Thread: Who makes your memory?

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    Default Who makes your memory? - you may be surprised!

    With there being loads of Retail makes of Memory Module supplier out there, ie Corsair, Mushkin, OCZ etc, I thought it would be of interest to post this:-

    DDR2 RAM List

    This is a list of DDR2 memory modules and the actual memory chip make used.

    Many companies don't make their own memory, they simply "fabricate" the modules with their own branding and source the actual memory chips elsewhere.

    So for instance, Mushkin might be using the same actual memory chips as Crucial memory which is the Retail Division of the actual memory manufacturer Micron. (ie they could both be using the same actual Micron chips on their DDR boards)

    Board design and quality varies too, but personally I would place the guys who actually make the chips themselves to take the lead in the expertise in this area.

    I've also read that this list may not be upto date, or entirely accurate - I cannot make any judgement on that.

    However it is detailed and you can see just how companies source their chips and boards and how that can vary even on one particular product.

    Corsair forum DDR2 enquiry listing:-
    DDR II IC Inquiry - The Corsair Support Forums
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    Default Re: Who makes your memory?

    Ya, that is a nice list. I have a few others with the same data, likely one copied from the other but I don't know who. Like you said some of those are for sure dated, and as you can see it has been recently edited to include Some more up to date information.

    You are correct IC manufacturing is the main part of a Memory module, but like I have said in the past PCB Manufacturing process and quality as well as how a SPD Chip is programmed also have a huge effect on how a ram module runs and it's motherboard/NB compatibility.

    Thanks for taking the time to post this. However since we both know the information is a bit dated IE: 2006 OP, and non Official (Aside from the Corsair page), this will be the only reply I bump this thread with.

    And keep in mind, every ram manufacturer updates their modules often, and do not publicly release this information as well. They do this as a safety precaution, so that no other ram manufacturer may buy them out (Buy up all the stock of the chips they may be using at that time). And they do so also so they may at any time change IC's to either keep up with speeds, because of issues with certain ones, or because of EOL IC's such as several of the D9 fatbody models.

    If anyone would like to contact the owner of that site/page, and ask questions on why some IC's chips work great in one brand's sticks and not in another brands. You may also see some people's images as input and to how this list was compiled over the years thus making it non official and dated see here >>>
    List of chips used on DDR2 RAM modules - XtremeSystems Forums


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