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Thread: Memtest86 - which one and why?

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    Default Memtest86 - which one and why?

    What is the difference between these two programs? - Memory Diagnostic - currently at ver. 3.4c 12/07
    Memtest86+ - Advanced Memory Diagnostic Tool - at ver. 2.01 2/08

    Both seem to be Brady products.. both free ISO downloads. I see 2.01 being suggested, just curious why.


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    The floppy you can make with the MemTest86 3.4 download is just a tease, a "flour cookie" of the retail package. When running it, only CPU and Memory bandwidth is displayed. Many of the Configuration/Advanced option don't work.

    MemTest86+ 2.01 gives you more system information by far: CPU speed, Memory Bandwidth and speed, Chipset, FSB speed, and Standard timings, etc...

    Personally, I like MemTest86+ 2.01 more. I think it is the better of the two.

    To each is own...I reckon. Try them both out for yourself.
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    Default Re: Memtest86 - which one and why?

    One thing I know for sure is V2.01 identifies my P35 chipset correctly and Version 3.4a doesn't.

    Also there is a problem on Ver 3.4a where the Levels of memory speed monitoring, ie L1, L2 Cache & RAM get reported in the wrong row if the chipset is not recognised.

    As far as I'm aware (correct me if I'm wrong) they both use the same source code by the original author/s. At some point, as i believe the source code is freely available, the two versions appeared which are brances off the original version.

    There are supporting forums on the web where some support/maintenence work is taking place.
    However, I think it's a case with V3.4a that a little too much ie The new error confidence test level feature, in a product that isn't being aggressively supported can be more of a hinderance by giving false information.
    At least V2.01 retains the originals framework and appears to be robust being kept that way.

    On the support forums it is said that through PAE memtest supports upto 64GB of RAM - which is interesting. There doesn't appear to be any ongoing feedback from the original author that I've found either...
    Not even Windows Vista (Basic and Premium Versions) supports that much RAM in it's 64bit versions! So imo it's a very good utility.
    Memory Limits for Windows Releases (Windows)
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    Default Re: Memtest86 - which one and why?

    2.01 it is!

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    Default Re: Memtest86 - which one and why?

    Memtest86+ is far superior, and often has bug fixes and enhancements in it that the normal memtest86 does not.

    Don't forget to mention this as well. I use this often, not as a main memory test, but for added confidence in stability >>>>
    MemTest: RAM reliability tester for Windows

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