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I have run a bit short of time, so I will jabber ya if I run into problems with 3.4GHz, that's if your around.. Thanks for all da help LSDMEASAP!!! Best help I ever received over a forum!!! Peace out!

P.S. 32K block size gave me best performance in my RAID0, still only round 175MBs on average with 4x80GB, 8mb cache. I tried with three disks, instead of four, thinking there may be a sweat spot or something... but naa, four drives at 32K seems best.. I have not tried 16K, but from your comments that is probably to small for daily use... If anyone else reads this, just get 2 x whatever drives, with higher cache.... I recon the cache is doing it for ya, lsdmeasap. Anyway, thanks again man ! Later.
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