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Thread: Ep35-ds3r and intermittant system halts

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    Default Re: Ep35-ds3r and intermittant system halts

    Hi Lsdmeasap,

    Well it all appears, touch wood, to be working. I altered the MIT as you suggested, being very conservative with the values, took a deep breath and saved to CMOS aand rebooted and wathed the system come up. No error messages and both XP and Zenwalk are working fine.

    Ran the MemTest86+ on the full configuration of memory (4Gb) for four complete passes ( about 2.5 hours) and didnt encounter a single error. Most pleasing to say the least

    Having checked the the label on the memory stick the model number is KVR800D2N6/1G. The documentation on the web says it requires 1.8V +/- 0.1V, so having the DDR2 Overvoltage control at +0.1V should not be an issue I'm guessing, however, you would know more about what we need to look for.

    Now it is a question of seeing whether the system is more stable than before, which given that it was only an intermittant problem that seemed to occur only during some periods of high memory usage, I suppose its a case of "wait and see".

    My clients asked me to please pass on their thanks to you for all the work you have put into and expertise you have brought to this problem. They have read through the post , so they do have a good idea of what has been discussed and are delighted to have gained some more knowlege of how their new system works. My thanks also, ofcourse. It can be a thankless task doing all this support work on a forum, but you do have some people here who greatly appreciate both your time and your effort.



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    Default Re: Ep35-ds3r and intermittant system halts

    Very nice to hear!!!! Glad it all went off without a hitch!

    Yeap, you have the correct thoughts about the voltage for that model. 1.8V +/- .1V is what I thought, so That is why I suggested 1.9V especially since you have 4 sticks in there. Just adds to stability, most all (Including those) DDR2 will be fine with 2.0-2.1 even but you have warranties to think about and such and this is a work system so those types of things are not needed. But just so you know for personal future references

    Hope it all works out well. I know what you mean and I hate it as well when you cannot produce a error on demand!

    Tell them their kind words are appreciated for sure, and that they may anytime chime in on the thread if they like. I do appreciate all your kind words as well!

    So, if they do eventually get the error to come back have them give you the exact settings you finally left in the system and post them here for me and I will advise you further. I know getting a stable system with 4x1GB even at stock may take a bit more time then you have to be there. So you may need to go back in a week or two.

    I cannot believe the seller who you purchased from left things in Auto like that. Ya, that may be fine for a 2x1 system at stock, but anything more then 2x1 needs some personal time put into it for tweaking and testing things out. I am glad you understood all of that, and took my advice on setting things manually.

    I offer this knowledge to many users who do not want to "Overclock" they say, they only want stock speed. But then they refuse (Mind you they asked) to manually set things for best performance at stock speeds. Sometimes you just have to manually do things, Auto as programmed by the BIOS engineers is made to work with the minimal hardware so that most any Hardware will work long enough for a user to get into the BIOS and manually set certain, if not all, things themselves. Especially in a Mainstream overclockers board.

    Well I wish you, and your customers, the best of luck with a stable system! And please do keep me informed either way on how things go over the next week or two.

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