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Thread: GA-X48T-DQ6 cold boot issue

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    Default Re: GA-X48T-DQ6 cold boot issue

    I FINALLY tracked down the cause of my Cold Boot issue, so now it's time to finally start playing with OC'ing this system..

    It was more stupid that I could imagine.. The last few days I had had no cold boot issues, and I hadn't changed a thing.. Then it showed up again, and I still hadn't touched a thing..

    Turns out it's my Western Digital external USB harddrive that messed up my cold boot! I've had it unplugged for a few days, and just put it in again.. Otherwise I always have it connected - or pretty much always..

    So there you have it Lsdmeasap :-).. People have strange cold boot issues, make sure they are not running large USB appliances (my external drive uses a 3" drive and has external power)..

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    Default Re: GA-X48T-DQ6 cold boot issue

    Thanks for posting. Yes that often does cause these issues, what you can do to see if it helps with that plugged in is set Legacy USB Storage Detect to Disabled. Then it wont be scanned at startup and might be fine to boot with it plugged in.

    You will need to enable that setting though anytime you need to use your USB during DOS use such as flashing from USB.

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