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Thread: GA-MA790GP-DS4H problems after cold restart

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    Unhappy GA-MA790GP-DS4H problems after cold restart

    Hi All,

    i have setup a new system on Saturday and have now a strange cold restart problem:
    Everytime i switch the hole power off (for example switch off the power supply on the back of the pc or with a multiple socket outlet) for a longer time (round about 30 minutes), after a new start of the pc my usb devices are not recognized correctly. E.g. the mice does not work, and the digital camera is not there. When i then shutdown the pc via the ps2 keyboard (this still works) the system will not shutdown at all, Monitor goes black but the pc is still running, after a reset i go directly into the bios but i can not use my ps2 keyboard ;-(
    After a cmos reset and load bios defaults it works again until i switch the power supply off (e.g. over night or for 30 min.).
    I have tested different mices and also tested a ps2 to usb converter to have the mice connected via ps2, still the same behaviour

    Here is my config:
    Gigabyte GA-MA790GP-DS4H 790GX Rev. 1.0 Bios F2A
    CPU AMD PhenomX4 9850 4x2.5GHz
    Power Supply 525W Enermax Modu 82+
    RAM 4096MB Corsair PC2-8500 CL5 KIT
    OS Vista64 Home Premium SP1 with all Updates

    Can anybody help me on this? I Have raised a call to Gigabyte in German #670335 but no answer until now. Please help me.


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    Default Re: GA-MA790GP-DS4H problems after cold restart

    Be sure you are shutting off not putting to sleep, the "off" button in vista is sleep not off. You can change this in the power options in control panel. If you are new to vista, I would assume you need to set a few things as well in the power options, advanced settings. Several of these by default are problematic for sure to new users. There is monitor and USB options in there as well.

    As for your other issues, what do you have set enabled in the BIOS as far as mouse and keyboard? And do you have Legacy USB storage detect enabled in the Integrated Peripherals page?

    It could also be a BIOS issue, did you properly flash when you updated it to the one you are using? Meaning flash, Load Optimized and save and apply/rebooot back to the BIOS to make changes? If not that could be part of the issue possibly as you MUST load and apply/reboot optimized defaults when you flash. It could also be Beta Issue. But I think maybe more of a vista issue, I just thought of the BIOS since you mentioned PS/2 keyboard in the BIOS
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    Default Re: GA-MA790GP-DS4H problems after cold restart

    definitely not a Vistaproblem, same in Windows XP, tested yesterday.
    Legacy USB is disabled in BIOS, but makes no difference.

    It only happens when i pull the powercord of the wall and wait > 10-30 Minutes to connect it again. When i then start the computer i have no USB devices in Windows working (Digicam, Mouse etc.) and also not displayed in the device manager, changing the usb ports for the mouse makes no difference. A USB Mouse connected via a PS/2 adapter also have no functionality in this Mobostatus. Donīt know what happens with the mobo at a cold restart. I can only fix it by resetting the cmos data and loading the defaults.

    Pls keep in mind that if i shutdown the computer and donīt pull the powercord of the wall everything is fine when i restart the computer the next day.

    From my point of view it must be a motherboard/bios issue. Incident not answered yet by Gigabyte Support Plz help me.


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