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Thread: GA-X48-DS5 & E8600 - need overclocking help

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    Question GA-X48-DS5 & E8600 - need overclocking help

    Hi everyone

    I've read the sticky guide but still can't seem to get any overclock at all on my system to be stable (like, no lock up in windows after 5 minutes).

    Specs are:

    • Gigabyte GA-X48-DS5 mainboard
    • E8600 CPU
    • Corsair Dominator series 2x 2GB PC-8500 (5-5-5-15)
    • Stock cooler
    • Lian Li PC-A10 case (3x 120mm fans, full tower with good airflow)
    • Vista Ultimate (64-bit)

    I've tweaked the BIOS at stock settings (manually entered DRAM timings) and downloaded CPU-Z, CoreTemp and Prime95 and it is as stable as anything at stock (temps according to CoreTemp ar about 52 celcius when running Prime95 and low 30s at idle). You would think there is heaps of room for overclocking with those specs.

    I don't want a massive overclock (4GHz max) and don't really want to replace the stock cooler unless I have to. But the impression I got was that these babies overclock really well, even with the stock cooler. However, I've gone into the BIOS and there are *heaps* of settings and having read the manual and the overclocking guide I *think* I understand what they mean and what to change, I'm not able to overclock this thing at all. I really don't want to push it to the limit, and having spent 3 days installing all the software and everything I want to avoid any more Vista crashes (I can't bear to re-install everything if my Vista install gets corrupted), but every overclock I've tried so far has resulted in a locked system so I think I need help.

    I was hoping someone could tell me what settings to start playing around with - kind of like the overclocking guide settings in the sticky overclocking thread, but including settings for the e8600.

    Thanks heaps in advance to anyone that can help me.

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    Default Re: GA-X48-DS5 & E8600 - need overclocking help

    Here try this for a 3.6 Overclock for now then you can decide if you want more as this may be hot for a stock cooler. There is MANY ways you can get any certain speed, here is just one for you to try for starters until you decide what you want to run or Get a new Fan >>>>

    Robust Graphics Booster___________ [Auto]
    CPU Clock Ratio ____________ [9] 
    Fine Clock Ratio ____________[0.0]
    CPU Host Clock Control_ [Enabled]
    CPU Host Frequency (MHz)__________ [402] 
    PCI Express Frequency (Mhz)_______ [100]
    C.I.A. 2__________________________ [Disabled]
    System Memory Multiplier (SPD)____ [2.66D ] = 1069Mhz ram speed
    DRAM Timing Selectable_______ SPD __ [Manual]
    Performance Enhance = [Standard]
    CAS Latency Time________________5
    Dram RAS# to CAS# Delay_________5
    Dram RAS# Precharge Delay_______5
    Precharge Delay (tRAS)__________ 15
    ACT to ACT Delay (tRRD)_________3-4
    Rank Write to READ Delay________ 3-6 (Use 9-11 first as later may not work with your ram)
    Write to Precharge Delay_________ 4-6 (Same as above 11-14)
    Refresh to ACT Delay______________ 52-62
    Read to Precharge Delay__________ 4-6
    Static tRead Value_______________7-10
    Static tRead Phase Adjust________ [Auto] << always leave
    CPU/PCIEX Clock Driving Control [800mV]
    CPU Clock Skew Control [normal]
    GMCH Clock Skew Control [Normal] << 50-150 
    System Voltage Control____ [Manual]
    DDR2 OverVoltage Control__ [+0.300V] = 2.1V
    PCI-E OverVoltage Control_ [+0.1V] << For stability 
    FSB OverVoltage Control___ [+0.1V] << For stability 
    (G)MCH OverVoltage Control [+0.2V - +0.3V] << Needed for stable 2x2Gb of ram
    CPU Voltage Control_______ [1.30] << may need less may need more.  It all depends on your Chip and your board vdrop/vdroop. Stock may even get you there, but the only way to see if that works is to manually set it (NOT AUTO) and see how far you can up the FSB before you need more voltage
    Limit CPUID Max. to 3.....................: [Disabled]
    No-Execute Memory Protect............: [Enabled]
    CPU Enhanced Halt (C1E)................: [Disabled]
    C2/C2E State Support....................: [Disabled]
    x C4/C4E State Support..................: [Disabled]
    CPU Thermal Monitor 2(TM2) ...........: [Enabled]
    CPU EIST Function.........................: [Disabled]
    Virtualization Technology................: [Disabled] Enabled if you use Vmware/Virtual PC
    Integrated Peripherals
    Legacy USB Storage Detect___________________[Disabled] *Note* Must be enabled to flash from USB

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    Default Re: GA-X48-DS5 & E8600 - need overclocking help

    Thanks LSDMEASAP. I've been reading these forums a bit over the last couple of days and was hoping that you'd reply. Unfortunately that didn't work either...

    I tried with the exact settings you sent, even on the lazy end of the range and it locked up booting into Vista. It also has locked up several times (including just now) while in the bios while overclocked (although never when clocked at stock). That is, it froze booting vista, then I restarted and it locked in the bios before I had a chance to finish tweaking the settings.

    *Something* must be flakey, but I have no idea what. I actually went out with the intention to buy good quality kit. In case it has an influence on overclocking, the other parts of the system not mentioned in my original post are:

    • Antec 850W True Power Quattro PSU
    • 2x MSI 4850 512MB cards in crossfire

    This is quite frustrating because I've had laptops for a few years now, but I've overclocked other PCs in the past without too much hassle (a celeron 300 to 450 (from memory) and a Pentium 4 2.4 o/c to 3.2). But this thing just doesn't want to overclock and the number of settings is overwhelming.

    I can't understand why it locks up in the BIOS though! I'm almost certain it's not heat, and you wouldn't think it would be the memory in the bios (although I suppose I could remove one stick of ram and one video card and see if that makes it more stable).

    Any thoughts on what might be the problem and where to go from here?

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    Default Re: GA-X48-DS5 & E8600 - need overclocking help

    I think I can help here.
    the D strap on x48-ds4 and x48-ds5 do not seem to work.
    Lots of of peaople of diffrent forums seem to have this problem.

    my tip would be to test the 2.00B strap
    or the 2.40B strap

    those are the only straps that works at anything but stock settings on my x48-ds4

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    Default Re: GA-X48-DS5 & E8600 - need overclocking help

    Thanks skyscraper.

    So do I need to change any of the other settings that lsdmeasap provided, or just change the system memory multiplier to 2.40B?

    From memory (I'm not at home now) I'm not using the latest BIOS, just the one that came out of the box. I think it's currently v5 but there is a v6 and a v7beta on gigabyte's website (from memory). Is it worth flashing to a newer bios, and if so the beta one or the last stable one (I probably want to avoid the beta one unless I can get confidence from others that it's ok).

    Thanks again,

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    Default Re: GA-X48-DS5 & E8600 - need overclocking help

    Ya, I would update the BIOS to the latest NON beta and try again. And the D strap would be easier to get stable as opposed to what is said above. But he did say issue, so it could have been a known BIOS issue, but I have not heard. D strap will be much more stable as you overclock. The B strap will be much harder to get stable

    If you flash, please DO NOT USE @BIOS. Here is a Guide I wrote on how to use Qflash >>>

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    Default Re: GA-X48-DS5 & E8600 - need overclocking help

    Thanks LSDMEASAP.

    I've now flashed the BIOS to the latest non beta version (v7). Thanks for your post on how to do that, went very smoothly.

    Then I tried the setting you gave me again but got the same result. I also tried changing the 'strap' to 2.00B but it wouldn't even post. I've googled a bit about the strap setting and think I kind of understand it - if I do understand it then somehow I have to overclock the CPU but also get the ram to run at a multiple of whatever the "B" strap is (I'm not in the BIOS at the moment), rather than run at a multiple of 400 MHz which is what the D strap is.

    Can you please provide some guidance as to what settings I will need to use the B strap? As I understand it, I need an overclock based an a FSB speed that is what the B strap uses - correct?

    Thanks heaps for your help so far.


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    Default Re: GA-X48-DS5 & E8600 - need overclocking help

    I agree with that the D strap should be more stable if it works,
    but as i said lots of people (or some at least) have issues with the D strap. It can be related to crappy crucial and corsair memory or it can be an bios issue with some bios versions, I have no clue. The issue seem to exist on both x48-ds5 and -ds4. Im not sure about the dq6 because I have mostly read up on ds4 and ds5 since they have identical bios layout.

    You seem to have stability problems more than reboot loop issues but since I have already written a post on another forum to describe what i have to do to get 400+ fsb to work with my crucial ballistic 8500 on my x48-ds4 r1.3 without getting in to the reboot loop I might aswell translate it and post it here. If it doesnt help you I hope that it can help others.

    __________________________________________________ ______________
    To get crucial ballstic 8500 to work with overclocking to 400+ fsb on a gigabyte x48-ds4/ds5 ddr2 board without getting in to a reboot loop. It should work with all c2d with 333/1333 fsb but you can try it with 333/1333 fsb quads and even CPUs with 266/1066 fsb if they accept lower multipliers. It might work with other low quality memory aswell if you are having problems with reboot loops but most people with this problem seem to use crucial memory.

    Enter the bios and load optimal defaults and load windows once without any overclocking or memory tweaking exept entering the correct memory voltage. I have to do this after every failed post that changes the fsb and memory settings back to "auto" to get my board to work at any other speed than default, otherwise I get the reboot loop or unstability.
    Not all have this issue but from what I see on the forums its pretty common.

    After you have successfully booted default settings into windows once reboot and enter the bios. Change to the 2.40B memory strap with all other memory settings on auto exept memory voltage (the D strap do not seem to work for me at all). Still use default fsb.

    Although the auto memory settings is a bit screwed your (or mine at least) memory will not have any problems at 960 mhz and for some reason the 2:40B strap boots more easy and at highter fsb for me than the 2:00B strap. If you have 6400 memory be sure to use the 2:00B strap instead.

    reboot load windows once

    reboot and set fsb to 400 (and change multiplier if you have an 266/1066 fsb CPU) and the vcore to what you think is needed to be 100% sure that the CPU voltage is not the issue (A tip ~1.45v for the e6xxx ~1.35 for e8xxx adjust for vdrop if you have such issues). All other voltages except memory voltage at default, still memory timings on auto (dont forget to set PCI-E to 100 mhz and turn off all speed step and power saving crap)


    If it doesnt post repeat all above but try 401 or 402 fsb
    If that doesnt work try with (G)MCH +0.1 or 0.2
    and fsb overvoltage 0.05 or 0.1
    as LSDMEASAP suggested Performance Enhance "Standard" is worth a shot but for me even extreme works so this setting does not seem to have an impact on my problems but I guess its diffrent if you use 2*2gb
    If that fail for some reason try it all again with 390-399 fsb
    play around with these settings until it works
    my x48-ds4 works perfectly with 400 fsb at default voltages but nothing is guaranteed in this world we live in.

    If it posts load windows
    check if its stable with for example prime 95 torture test "Blend"
    on one core and "small FFTs" on the other core for at least an hour.
    Then "In-place large FFTs" on both cores for at least an hour.
    Try longer sessions later but for gaming stability 1h use to be enough.

    If its not stable go back to the last step.
    If its "stable" you can choose to ignore the rest and settle for 400 fsb with auto memory settings or continue tweaking.
    (auto memory settings for my crucial are 5 7 7 22 performance level 7 at 960 mhz with the 2:40B strap so the timings are really high/bad)
    If you chose to stop here you should at least try to lower cpu voltage as much as you can without anything getting unstable.

    Now you can start entering the correct memory settings in the bios according to SPD .
    If I do this without booting auto settings to windows as described above I get into the reboot loop.
    For my ballistic the correct settings are 5 5 5 15, act to act (trrd) 4, rank write to read 4, write to precharge delay 8 (or 4 showing up as 8 in memset?), refresh to act (cycle time) 56, read to precharge 4. Replace those with the values for your memory. If unsure google it or mail the supplier and ask.
    set static t-read value (performance setting) to 9 to be sure that the new timings post
    leave the other crap on auto/default

    load windows

    If static t-read value 9 is stable in windows try 8 if thats stable try 7.

    Now you are done with getting 400 mhz fsb stable with correct memory timings.

    You can try to tweak the memory settings or try a higher fsb. but stick to the 2:40B/2:00B strap and change static t-read back to 9 or even 10 or 11 if you try a higher fsb. I have a real crappy e6750 that runs into a FSB wall at ~420 mhz undependent the multiplier I use, ( I have tried it on 3 different mother boards so im pretty sure its the CPU that sets the limit in my case) but most 333/1333 fsb CPUs will go much higher although you might have to lower the multiplyer if you have CPUs with 9 or 10 in default multiplyer.

    If you run into stability problems when you increased FSB without lowering the memory timings then start to tweek the other voltages, skew etc. Dont use voltage settings higher than +0.3 for (g)mch, +0.2 for FSB, no more than +0.1 for PCI-E and no more than 0.1v over specified max voltage for your memory. More than +0.2v over your CPUs default voltage is not considered safe for 24/7 use if you dont have really good cooling.

    Im not an expert on gigabyte boards but this method never fails me to get 400+ fsb working on my x48-ds4 that otherwise loves reboot loops with 2x 1gb crucial ballistic 8500 5 5 5 15 memory. I guess the issus have to do with the fact that the bios remeber failed settings and from there things go ballistic.
    The only time I dont have to go through the procedure above is when I really REALLY have cleared the bios settings by removing the power cord , the battery on the mother board and short circuited the bios jumper. Then I can enter all overcloked settings at once but as soon as I have had a failed post...

    With my corsair 6400 2x 1gb I dont have this issue or at least not as bad but the D-strap do not work with my corsair either (other than at default fsb) so that seem to be a bios issue / bug.

    I dont take responsibility for anything... not even my self...

    __________________________________________________ _____________

    Forgive me for all typos since english isnt my first language

    As a side note my crappy crucial does 4 4 4 12 "Static t-Read Value 6" at 960 mhz at 2.22-2.24v
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    Default Re: GA-X48-DS5 & E8600 - need overclocking help

    Thanks Skyscraper, I really appreciate your help. Especially as from your post count it looks like you joined up just to help me.

    I'll give it a go tonight and post the results back here.

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    Default Re: GA-X48-DS5 & E8600 - need overclocking help

    Its more like that my E8600 arrives late this week :D and nobody in my home country seem to use a E8600 on a x48-ds4 or x48-ds5 or even x48-dq6 ddr2 (Or at least no one that hangs around in the local hardware forums) so I googled a bit and ended up here in your thread. Im really glad I found this forum so im just happy if I can be to some help.

    I thought that the d-strap issue im having with my memory could be relevant to your problems since that i have heared about others with the same problem.

    I have orded new Mushkin 2x2gb DDR2, XP2-8500 that hopefully makes the reboot loop issue go away for good but im not that sure it will help me with getting the D strap settings to work at other than default fsb, but we will see.

    edit: this is not relevant to you as you have ds5 but maybe to LSDMEASAP
    I have tried both the F1 bios and the F2 on my x48-ds4 and im now using the F3a beta bios. I have had the same issue with all. Both my sets of memory are very old bought over a year ago so its very possible that could be part of the problem. Both sets complete every test i throw at them without errors with the B strap. I really hope the mushkin memory will solve the d-strap issue since I feel that i might need it with my new CPU.
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