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Thread: Gigabyte Ram

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    Default Gigabyte Ram

    Why gigabyte boards (all) dont have G.SKILL and Crucial Ballistix brands in the DDR2 QVL?

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    Default Re: Gigabyte Ram

    Here's my guess:

    Gigabyte likely has deals set up to obtain manufacturer's samples for testing; if you notice, a lot of RAM brands listed have mfg names you've never heard of - probably readily available in Taiwan, but not seen here - if they don't have a sample to test, it doesn't go on the list. Also, if you look at various manufacturer's QVL's, you'll see that the list was compiled at or around the specific board's release date - and never updated thereafter. That's why you'll see a lot of 512M modules that are no longer even sold, but no 2G modules that are currently popular...

    Perhaps Mr. Yeh can tell us if this is generally the case?

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    Default Re: Gigabyte Ram

    I think BilBat is spot on with this. It's a bit like Nvidia or ATi drivers taking awhile before they get the WHQL stamp, if at all.
    Plus as Bilbat points out, rarely does the QVL get updated after the boards initial release. Yet very often bios releases do address memory issues.

    Also most of the major RAM out there (specifically the chips) is made by just a handful of companies, so very often the same chips are used on different manufacturers modules. It's then down to the Retail manufacturer to decide how they are going to market it. Some leave bags of headroom (hence makes or batches that overclock well) and some don't.

    So as often found on here, most memory will work on a given motherboard even if it's not on the QVL, although some might need "tweaking" a lot more than the competition.
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    Default Re: Gigabyte Ram

    G.Skill works fine and So does Crucial so far in my tests on P45, have not got to P35 yet but I will. You will see Crucial results posted here once I get done (Bookmark if you like, should be posted here in a week or two) >>>

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