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Thread: How much voltage goes to RAM & Northbridge in S3 sleep?

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    Default How much voltage goes to RAM & Northbridge in S3 sleep?

    In Vista's S3 sleep mode, I'm wondering how much voltage continues to go to RAM in order to keep the system settings available for power up. I have a GA-EP45-DS3L board with 1066 RAM (2x2GB) which normally receive 2.1v.

    Is the full voltage maintained to RAM and/or Northbridge during S3 sleep?

    Is there any risk of RAM or Northbridge overheating while the fans are off and the system sleeps?

    What percentage of normal system-on idle power is drawn by the system during S3 sleep?

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    Default Re: How much voltage goes to RAM & Northbridge in S3 sleep?

    You would have to read the many PDF's at Intel about the chipsets, but I do believe it is the normal applied amount maybe a bit less as I do know not having voltage set properly can cause S3 to fail so it may lower it a little.

    No, there is no risk as the system is doing no work so no heat other then very minimal would be generated. The ram is the only part of the system which is still powered on >>>
    Advanced Configuration and Power Interface - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Percentages would again have to be looked up at Intel or Tested, you should be able to find various Site's Sleep tests in Google

    I see here less then 15W should be used >>>

    But I am really not sure, and have seen various reviews about the amount saved/used during various sleep modes.

    Your hardware however is safe for sure, unless you are already using some crazy voltage then it may not be. But that is normally not the case with most users who are not using Extreme Cooling methods such as Ln2 or Dice

    I found you this will looking for Voltage tests (Sorry I did not have time to actually find any I had previously read, but they are out there) >>>
    PassMark Sleeper - Hibernate and sleep state testing software

    Looks like a cool sleep testing utility, just thought you might want to check it out

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