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Thread: EP45 16Gb Ram?

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    Default Re: EP45 16Gb Ram?

    Wow.. it worked... 16GB.. LOL.. Grats man... No way in hell you would use all that up but at least you're set for life..
    Nothing is impossible... Just mathematically improbable..

    "The best defense against computer viruses might not even be antivirus software, but a crafty combination of education and common sense."

    Intel Pentium e5200 @ 3.8HZ (380 X 10)
    Giga-byte GA-EP35-DS3L
    Mushkin 4GB DDR2 800 @ 760MHZ 4-4-3-10 @ +0.3v
    SAPPHIRE 100245L Radeon HD 4850 512MB 256-bit GDDR3 PCI Express 2.0 x16
    Seagate 160GB @ 7200rpm
    SB Audigy2
    Corsair 520HX
    Super Antec Lanboy
    Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit RTM
    Acer AL2216Wbd 22"

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    Quote Originally Posted by soldier View Post
    No way in hell you would use all that up but at least you're set for life.
    Bill Gates' response to people misquoting him:
    No one involved in computers would ever say that a certain amount of memory is enough [...] But even 32 bits of address space won't prove adequate as times goes on [...] Meanwhile, I keep bumping into that silly quotation attributed to me that says 640 k of memory is enough.
    In real life the 16 GB will get used up in no time.

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    Default Re: EP45 16Gb Ram?

    This is for a low budget virtual server running Microsoft's Hyper-V virtualisation technology, so the fact that the P45 chipset is supporting 16GB of RAM, and having 4GB modules from OCZ being so cheap, this will really open the door to a lot of cool stuff without needing to fork out for real server hardware.

    I have already used up most of the RAM by provisioning more VM's, so I will be using it all up in no time at all :)

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    I think it is appropriate to add a second "testimony".

    I've used EP45-DQ6 with BIOS ver F12 and 2x2GB Mushkin. IIRC, the only BIOS setting deviating from default is:
    'Performance Enhance' changed to 'Standard'.

    I took the 4 GB out and plugged in two sets of Mushkin 996655, ie 4x4GB of EM2-6400, 5-5-5-18.

    BIOS shows up ... POST succeeds ... Vista Ult. x64 boots ... no problems of any kind show up.

    Scratch that "any kind", there are mental problems:
    1. Vista would like to use a swap file up to 32 GB in size. Hello, your defaults make no sense at this scale.
    2. CPU-Z says 5-5-5-18, 2T. Forgot to check whether the 2x2GB had 1T. But what can you expect?
    3. Got to dig up memtest+, or something. Prime95 (64-bit I assumed) seems to reserve only 1750 MB, even though I said 15000 MB ...

    The "16384 of ram" at the BIOS screen gave a flashback to less than 15 years ago, when the BIOS said "16384 of ram". kB back then, MB now. <sentimental smiley>

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