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Thread: P31-DS3L CPU ratio stuck. Help!

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    Default Re: P31-DS3L CPU ratio stuck. Help!

    Nice to see you've found the cause of the setting issue!

    Chike is right, settings aside, it should always show max CPU multi in the BIOS once you load optimized defaults.

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    Default Re: P31-DS3L CPU ratio stuck. Help!

    Yeah, it does show 9 when loading optimized defaults at first. When it reboots it's back at 6 and I have to turn off the thermal setting (TM2 i think it's called in BIOS) for it to then stick at 9. I've now turned both that and speedstep off and it is running at 9x333. Like I said in the OP years ago, I had turned those settings on and off a million times before, but only now is it working and the 9x multiplier sticking. Or maybe I'm just an idiot and haven't been loading optimized defaults the right way untill now. Either way I'm glad it is back to running at full speed.
    One thing is still bugging me though. CPU Z reports it as running at 3ghz, but the Intel Processor Identification util still has it running at 2. Which is more accurate? I'm assuming the Intel app is wrong because BIOS is reporting it at 3ghz.

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    Default Re: P31-DS3L CPU ratio stuck. Help!

    I am just trying to figure out if you have grounds for RMA, if still under wattenty.
    What would all those utilities report with optimized defaults?

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