Looks like you have made some progress! Nice to hear!

Ya, I suggested the 9 multi so you could better get at your rated ram speed. * multi is fine, especially since you have made progress with it anyhow!

That voltage change is normal, it is a design by Intel to make sure your CPU does not get overvolted. There will be a initial drop from what you set in the BIOS to what you get in windows, this is called Vdrop/voffset. Then there will be another drop from that idle voltage to when your system is at load, this is called Vdroop.

Here is a in depth read on that if you would like to know more >>>
Intel Processor Power Delivery Design Guidelines and Specifications: Vdroop Explained - The Tech Repository Forums

And yeap, if you need more voltages at load then you just need to increase your BIOS setting. Just keep a Eye on what you get for Actual with CPU-z as at certain voltage ranges the vdrop and vdroop amount values may differ