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Thread: 3GHz from e7200 help?

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    Default 3GHz from e7200 help?

    heres what i have currently at 2.8 can any tweak this to run atleast at 3GHz stable? i am only using air cooling btw.

    Robust Graphics Booster___________ [Auto]
    CPU Clock Ratio ____________ [9]
    Fine Clock Ratio ____________[0.5]
    CPU Host Clock Control_ [Enabled]
    CPU Host Frequency (MHz)__________ [295]
    PCI Express Frequency (Mhz)_______ [auto]
    C.I.A. 2__________________________ NOT THERE
    System Memory Multiplier (SPD)____ [2.0]
    Memory Frequency 667 [590]
    DRAM Timing Selectable_______ SPD __ [auto]

    Performance Enhance = [Standard]

    CAS Latency Time________________ 5
    Dram RAS# to CAS# Delay_________ 5
    Dram RAS# Precharge Delay_______ 5
    Precharge Delay (tRAS)__________ 15

    ACT to ACT Delay (tRRD)_________ 3
    Rank Write to READ Delay________ 3
    Write to Precharge Delay_________ 5
    Refresh to ACT Delay______________ 36
    Read to Precharge Delay__________ 3
    Static tRead Value_______________ 8
    Static tRead Phase Adjust________ 0
    System Voltage Control____ [auto]
    DDR2 OverVoltage Control__ [auto]
    PCI-E OverVoltage Control_ [auto]
    FSB OverVoltage Control___ [auto]
    (G)MCH OverVoltage Control [auto]
    CPU Voltage Control_______ [1.20]

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    Default Re: 3GHz from e7200 help?

    You should post some details on your system so we know what we are dealing with.

    Should be pretty easy to get over 3GHZ on this CPU. I would say 800-1200MHZ would be a reasonably expected OC on it.

    Based on your BIOS settings, I would say up the CPU voltage to 1.25V for sure, and slowly increase it to 1.3V. At 1.3V I would suspect you should be able to OC to 3 GHZ no problem.

    Also, manually set the PCI Express frequency to 100MHZ.

    If that doesn't work, we really need some info on your memory. Are you using 2 or 4GB? Rated speed? Timings? Voltage?

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    Default Re: 3GHz from e7200 help?

    Yes, please post your full specs (Board, CPU, ect)

    And a link to you ram and how much of it you have would be best. Then I can for sure help you get to 3Ghz. As for now, for sure you should make these changes no matter the ram

    PCI Express Frequency (Mhz)_______ [100]

    System Voltage Control____ [manual]
    DDR2 OverVoltage Control__ [auto] << Set to what your ram says on the sticker +.3 is 2.1V

    CPU Voltage Control_______ [1.20] << more for sure for 3Ghz

    Once you post more info I can better help you with all of your settings

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