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Thread: Instability with mushkin 2x2gb 996599 on x48-ds4

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    Default Instability with mushkin 2x2gb 996599 on x48-ds4

    I have problems with instability (firefox and games crashes) in windows XP, even at underclocked speed with my 2x2gb mushkin 996599.
    Memtest 3.8 from HCI design shows loads of errors. Prime95 blend passes.

    The memory boots fine to windows in dual channel mode even at 500fsb at default mch voltage and shows no errors at all in memtest86

    Its not a 4gb Win XP bug because the errors are still there with only one 2gb stick.

    I have tried mch voltage from default up to +0.35v and fsb as low as 266 mhz and I have tested all straps.
    I have tried all memory slots.
    I have even tried stupid high timings and performance levels. (like 5 7 7 22, trfc 80, performance level 12). Performance Enhance is set to standard.
    I have tried memory voltage from 1.9 to 2.2.
    I have also tried all 3 availible bios versions.
    I have improved the cooling on the northbridge (60mm fan).
    I have tried the memory in another motherboard (only memtest86 will install windows on my secondary computer tonight)
    And most combinations of all the things above.

    The problem disapeers if I change to my crucial ballistic 2x1gb 8500 (micron)
    No crashes and no errors in memtest 3.8.
    Rock stable even at 500 fsb with default mch voltage and low timings
    (4 4 4 12 @ 1000 mhz performance level 8 @ 2.22v)
    (5 5 5 15 @ 1200 mhz performance level 8 @ 2.22v)

    Could it be that my board just dont work with 2gb modules in windows?
    It seems strange that memtest86 passes (6 hours) even at high fsb and low mch voltage but no settings is stable in windows, even with a single 2gb stick. I really want to get my mushkins working since they solved some reboot loop issues and I need 4gb for crysis warhead.

    As a sidenote. Im pretty sure that the f2 bios gives the same voltage to the northbride at default as the f3a version do at ~+0.2v. It would be great if you could acually see the correct values, Im not that happy when it comes to gigabytes bios.
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    Default Re: Instability with mushkin 2x2gb 996599 on x48-ds4

    What you need to do first, as most do not. Is on day one (or now) test each stick at stock (Manually set ram speed, Manually set Main timings, Performance Enhance on Standard, Ram voltage set to spec>)

    Do this test for 10 passes or so on each stick one at a time with memtest86+ to be sure first off you do not have a faulty stick or two. Use only this newest 2.01 Version of Memtest86+ to do this test >>>>
    Memtest86+ - Advanced Memory Diagnostic Tool

    Easytune 6 will show you the voltages set and applied for all things you want to check, I do believe you can use that on this board.

    It sounds to me like you do have a faulty stick or both possibly

    I would also suggest you do use the latest BIOS, and be sure you load optimized after you flash and save/apply/reboot Back to BIOS to make your SATA and any other changes. DO NOT USE @BIOS, here is a Qflash guide if you are unsure about anything with flashing >>>

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