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Thread: Ep45t-ds3r

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    I have been living w\ my unstable EP45t-ds3r board for months now...
    I was looking at the reviews for it on newegg a while ago and saw that almost everybody who posted was having problems w\ the board ( there 1-2 reviews when i bought the board)

    LSD - I'm going to try some of the setting changes you suggested when I get home today.

    I have water cooling, so at stock settings my cpu is around 20c or below... and i've been suspecting my video card of being the culprit because it seems that I get my blue screens whenever my video card gets to around 55-60c ( hd3870 )

    I tried to swap out video cards last night w\ my old x1950xt and I loaded WoW and i had complete lockups a few times, then i was playing for a few minutes before i locked up.

    I'm using OCZ 1333 platinum currently and I just upgraded to F3 bios last night and loaded optimized default settings. I will post with results from my tweaking...

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    Default Re: Ep45t-ds3r

    I probably should have changed just one thing at a time....

    I upped the dram voltage to 1.9, did the mch to 400mhz instead of auto... and changed from turbo to standard and from 4.00d to 3.33d.

    my system seems to be solid now !!! WOOOOW.

    I've seriously been living w\ this little problem for months and i thought it was my video card overheating because it seemed to restart when i ran a game in full screen and when video card temps went to around 60.

    Thanks a bunch, glad i stumbled on the forums.

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    Best regards to LSD whose guidance helped my both GB boards.

    I've got same problems with ga-ep45t-ud3p with 2x2GB Kingston DDR3 KVR1333D3N9
    It was not stable even without oveclock and used to do random freezes.
    I've noticed that all the BIOSes (except the last F6) tend to overvolt my DDR3 to 1.7V
    BUT that RAM supports only 1.5V. I also suspected my video adapter (nVidia 8800GT) was playing tricks on me, but that was not the case.
    At all times memtest and prime95 never failed even after 8-12 hours stress test.
    Later I've noticed that these freezes happen when the system is not under load
    or when the load drops for a moment.

    So at the end this worked for me:
    Performace level: Standard
    PCI frequiency = 100MHz (!)
    MCH core = 1.16V (stable as 1.2V for me)
    DDR Voltage = 1.5V (or 1.6 on overclock but avoid anything above)
    Static read value = 8 (but set to 9-10 initially. 7 NEVER works for that RAM on 1333MHz)
    Al the rest = AUTO

    Hope this will narrow down your problem.

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