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Thread: x58 motherboards

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    Default x58 motherboards

    Hard to understand why this forum has not had requests for the x58 core i7 systems as yet. LSD, I understand you don't have the system at this time. I think Gigabyte should provide you with the motherboard and cpu and memory etc. You provide a very good service to gigabyte users,, period. And thus it equates to promoting sales of future gigabyte boards for gigabyte. This forum is the ONLY forum I have encountered with knowledgeable help with gigabyte motherboards. I hope the information highway will soon be available here for the new architecture currently released. I do anticipate getting the gigabyte board if ample information resources become available.

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    Default Re: x58 motherboards

    Ya, they have already been coming in!

    Another member and I have already been discussing this as well.

    Soon I will not be of much help!

    I think Gigabyte would send me a board as they did the one I am using now so I could help with P45 and I was told I would get future samples as well, but I need to get a CPU and Ram first before I even think about asking for a board sample.

    Ram And CPU are my main concern right now in regards to this

    I'm saving, and trying to find out how I can (Without being a review editor) get a CPU Sample from Intel. Likely wont happen and I will just be of no help for a few months until I get enough cash saved up

    Thanks for your support, and I agree and am also concerned about this and not being able to help members

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    Default Re: x58 motherboards

    In this day and age of a possible global deflation, every manufacturer needs to be aware of it's competition. Azus has a forum hosted by it asus. Gigabyte none, except for tweak town, and may I add, very friendly, helpful site at that. If I'm not mistaken, Asus leads sales perhaps 4 to 1 (from the research I have done). The gigabyte boards from users posts on many forums, are as good, If not better than most Asus (not just my opinion, but of many migrants from asus to gigabyte and new gigabyte users)
    If I can be of help to inquire, request gigabyte by naming you and tweak town the formal gigabyte forum, advise.
    A complete motherboard, ram, cpu etc. package would be an incredibly INEXPENSIVE promotion to their motherboard line and boost their sales significantly. Again LSD, you do a great job for gigabyte users.
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    Default Re: x58 motherboards

    Looking forward to more info on this board (tweaks/settings etc....)

    I've been using the Extreme for five days without a glitch. Runs cool and stable, loads of settings and really easy OC. On the i7 920 I run @ 4Ghz by only changing CPU vcore and ram timings, all else is on auto XD.

    The only thing I'm waiting for is a lower QPI link speed multiplier option in a future BIOS, if I want to push the BCLK above 200.

    Otherwise it seems like a very solid product, and I don't regret going Gigabyte : )
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