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Thread: [GigaByte GA-E7AUM-DS2H] 4 Pin Sys Fan to 2 3-pin

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    Default [GigaByte GA-E7AUM-DS2H] 4 Pin Sys Fan to 2 3-pin

    How do I connect the case-fans to the single 4-pin SYS_FAN header on this board?

    I'm helping a friend out building a HTPC. The case is an OrigenAE S16T, which has 3 3-pin case-fans (1 intake, 2 outtake). I can connect the intake to the PSU with 5v, but I do want some control over the 2 outtake fans.

    So I need to go from a single 4-pin Sys Fan Header to 2 3-pin Casefan's, without loosing the power the control the fans and without burning out the Sys Fan Header.

    Now I read that some Gigabyte motherboards have a BIOS option to switch between 4-pin and 3-pin without loosing RPM control (and since the two fans are the same, it is not a problem that I can only read out one), but after looking in the manual, this is only specified for the CPU-fan?

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    Default Re: [GigaByte GA-E7AUM-DS2H] 4 Pin Sys Fan to 2 3-pin

    Well, did you test this header with a fan yet to even be sure that the PWM control works as you want? I ask because many users have issues with some headers sometimes not acting like they want.

    So just trying to check before hand

    You could splice the wires, but I dunno? I would be more wiling to splice to the power supply then the board. The board header may not have enough amps to run two fans and you just may short/burn it up no matter how you did it with 2 fans

    In your BIOS PC Health Status page you should have the following >>>
    CPU Smart Fan Control .......... Set to Enabled <<< This is for the CPU header
    CPU Smart Fan Mode ............ Set Voltage for 3pin, PWM for 4Pin
    System Smart Fan Control ...... Enabled <<< This will allow you to control speeds with speedfan for 3/4pin fans. Looks like no voltage only control though.

    GIGABYTE - Support - Motherboard - Manual Download

    If you do not see the above system fan, try the hotkey on the main page of the BIOS Control + F1 then go into that section and look again. If you still do not see it you may need to update the BIOS.

    But I do suggest you only connect one fan to the boards header and maybe connect the other to the PSU like the first one.

    They do make 2 3pin wires into one 3pin, if you would like me to find you one let me know

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