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Thread: gigabyte ep45-ud3r issues.

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    Default Re: gigabyte ep45-ud3r issues.

    Just an update.

    Issue 1: Ok , i finally managed to get my front panel working (i didn't connect it securelly with the mobo , it was my mistake).

    Issue 2 : The esata enclosure works properly only if connected with gigabyte sata port. If you connect it with the yellow ports , the safe removal icon is not being showed (even if you have installed the matrix driver). I saw that the manual photo shows the purple port , but i'd like to have the option to connect it to ich10r also.

    Issue 3 : "AHCI always will add to bootup as it has to load the AHCI BIOS which is separate, nothing to concern yourself about a few seconds longer.

    AHCI is not really any better, unless you have to have hotswap. If not then you would be better off not using it"

    I don't agree with you , the asus mobos don't need to load ACHI BIOS , but yew a few seconds isn't really a problem.

    As far as ACHI concered , there is a gain in perfomance especially when multitasking (you can see that at system startup).

    Two other issued i have come across :

    Issue 4 : The worst thing about this mobo is that you don't have the option to control the system/power fans. I wish it could be solved via a bios update (eventhough i don't know if that is possible).

    Issue 5 : The EasyTune 6 doesn't apply the bios settings in realtime , you have to restart. I prefer to make system changes via bios , but since this utility exists , i'd like to apply the changes immediately (like abit utility).

    "I agree the UD3 series boards are breaking TONS of records" : I had my personal record , i managed to get my q6600 at 3,6 (450x8) rock stable with 1.376v (1.4124 in bios) when on asus p5e/p5q-e i needed at least 1.425. This mobo is freaking stable.

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    Default Re: gigabyte ep45-ud3r issues.

    Please feel free to add more issues or solutions.

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    Default Re: gigabyte ep45-ud3r issues.

    You may have to install the AHCI Driver upon OS Install then? Not sure why you have that issue other then maybe your enclosure's Board does not get along with the Intel controller

    Asus motherboard is not a Gigabyte motherboard and the Gigabyte motherboards HAVE to load the AHCI BIOS if you are using it

    Easytune will for sure make changes on the fly as long as you are not trying to switch ram multi's or something like that. Try smaller steps and you will see. Use Set button not save or load

    If you have smartfan control enabled you can control the fans with easytune and or some programs possibly depending on the fans and the smart control Mode you set

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    Unhappy Re: gigabyte ep45-ud3r issues.

    Hey gent could I and how do I get my gigabyte mobo ep45-ud3r to see my great ddr2 1300 memory ( QVL) and not thw default speed of 800 mhz, cpuz is also seeing it as 800..

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