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Thread: q9550 70C @load ud3p too hot?

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    Default Re: q9550 70C @load ud3p too hot?

    Thanks for all your input, so my core temp @load(65) is indeed at the high end of the normal range, it sounds still a safe temp, the tcase temp at this time is 49C, which I hope is not too bad.

    the idle temp is 47/24 (tjunction/tcase)

    anyhow, I just ordered s1283 and see what difference does it make (from the Zipang cooler I am using)

    Quote Originally Posted by Lsdmeasap View Post
    You want to use CoreTemp or RealTemp (Must be Calibrated *CLICK ME*) or Everest Ultimate and be sure your TjMax is set to 100

    But at 3.8 a norm would be about 55-65 or so depending on your cooler and case airflow. So it may not be too bad right now really... Unless this is a Idle temp, then for sure it is WAY TO HOT

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    Default Re: q9550 70C @load ud3p too hot?

    I investigated further as you suggested.. I have two 120mm case fan, and one 140mm cooler fan, the airflow works like this

    • one 120mm case fan on the side panel sits directly facing the CPU cooler, it take fresh (cold) air and toward the cooler,
    • the cooler fan blows air toward CPU, and the hot air is pushed side ways,
    • the back panel has 120mm fan takes the hot air and blow it outside.

    the case I'm using.. coolermaster, CM690. Ninjalane - New and Improved Hardware Review, Casemodding, Niche Market Hardware

    Quote Originally Posted by cdelong View Post
    You MUST have good airflow into, AND, out of the case- an open door does not count as good airflow.

    What do you have for airflow in your case? Even Intel's crappy little HSF will do the job with good case airflow.

    I just finished a 24hr P95 run..... ambient 22C, case 28C, idle 34C, load 51C max. I run WC'ing and I have used AS5 and Ceramique and found both to be equally as good in air and water cooling environments. I personally like Ceramique, but it takes a little longer to cure for me which I don't mind because I don't swap out CPU's once I get a good one ;)

    Air temps I've found tend to be 8-10C higher than my WC'ing temps, so yes, you may hit 60C load, but 70C is way out of the park.

    It sound like you need some more case fans.

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    Default Re: q9550 70C @load ud3p too hot?

    from the way your case look ... i would only have the 120 on the bottom side that is for the graphic card ... and leave the top free ... when you get your s1283 .... because if you have the top one .. 99% your cooler won't fit .. and also it aslo blow air to the cpu fan .. and that will affect the air flow of your cpu cooler ... you want an air flow 1 direction that is the most efective .. don't your case have the fan in fron too ??? if they have slot .. i would put one there

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