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Thread: GA-X5b-EXTREME - Vista64 Stalls for Long time

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    Default GA-X5b-EXTREME - Vista64 Stalls for Long time

    Hi All,

    I think I have isolated the incompatibility, but I figured I would post here just in case someone else has come across this issue (and has a better resolution than mine).

    Here is the system I built yesterday:
    i7 965
    12 GB ram
    4870 X2
    3ware 9690 RAID Card
    Vista Ultimate 64

    In my first install attempts the install was hanging at different spots. On the 3rd or 4th go I let it sit at 'Expanding files 87%' for about a half hour and it finally sprung back to life and finished the install.

    Once drivers were installed, the system scored a 5.9 on everything, including disk subsystem. Unfortunately, almost immediately I started seeing intermittent stalls/hangs that would freeze the PC for up to 10 minutes or more. A little later the system started rebooting on it's own and would come to a message complaining that the system disk was invalid. A power cycle would let it boot to the desktop.

    Based on the above, I pulled the 3ware card this morning and reinstalled using the Intel port (only single drive for this test because I did not want to trash all my wiring work if I did not need to). The system has been working flawlessly since then. Only at a 5.7 for disk now, but I suspect that will go up when I get all 4 drives spinning again.

    I use the 3ware 9690 in a couple of servers at the office, and it is a screamer. PCIe 8x and 512MB ram cache. I would love to use it with my new system, but I am thinking I will need to return it.

    Can anyone think of something simple I might have overlooked?


    PS -- Yes, I did open a support task with 3ware too.

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    Default Re: GA-X5b-EXTREME - Vista64 Stalls for Long time

    Make sure your ram does not exceed 1333mhz thendo the following.

    in the bios sellect MIT menu.
    CPU Features,
    Disable CPU Enhanced halt C1e
    Disable C3/C6/C7 State Support
    Disable Cpu EIST function.

    save then exit.

    I think the bios has the profiles setup wrong.

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    Default Re: GA-X5b-EXTREME - Vista64 Stalls for Long time

    Ya, sounds to me like your card may be a little incompatible if the above does not help. Sorry I dont have X58 yet, but I would suspect your card as well if you think you are stable otherwise as you say you are now on the intel ports.

    What did 3ware say, anything yet?

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