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Thread: EP45T-DS3R and HD4870 PCIe graphic card?

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    Default EP45T-DS3R and HD4870 PCIe graphic card?

    Hi, folks,
    Honey wants a new video card, and we're looking at various HD4870 cards.

    When building this system 6 weeks ago I recall seeing complaints in some reviews that the PCI Express 16-1 slot was too close to the RAM slots and prevented some cards from fitting, but unfortunately did not keep the links. And now he has a new RealFlight G4.5 thingme controller that Santa dropped of a little bit early...

    Would anybody here be able to confirm one way or the other whether one of these cards might fit, or if not, give suggestions for other appropriate cards?

    Diamond ATI HD4870 1GB GDDR5*|*Diamond

    ATI Radeon HD 4870*|*ATI

    Your advice would be very welcome,

    Honey's computer builder

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    Default Re: EP45T-DS3R and HD4870 PCIe graphic card?

    Hmm, I have not heard of any issues.

    I see two users here stating they are using 4870's with this board without issue >>>
    Customer Reviews Of GIGABYTE GA-EP45T-DS3R LGA 775 Intel P45 ATX Intel Motherboard - Retail)

    I think you may have read some wrong info, or at least what you read was posted by some upset user that maybe had to pull his card to get at the ram clips or something because these boards were designed to fit a full length card without issue. I just looked at your boards image and it looks exactly the same as mine which is fine with a 3870 which goes ALL the way under both sets of ram slots with plenty of room

    Just be sure when you put your card in that the ram clips are fully snapped in so you dont break one off

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    Default Re: EP45T-DS3R and HD4870 PCIe graphic card?

    A belated response concerning the graphics card fit -- it's extremely tight, but it will fit. With the graphics card already installed the RAM slot clips can't be opened as fully as is normal, but by careful maneuvering the two can co-exist.

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