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Thread: EP35-DS3L Endless Reboot

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    Default EP35-DS3L Endless Reboot

    Flashed the F6a BIOS from the sticky in this forum, after it reset it had some auto-recovering message, now it does the endless reboot.

    Specs: Q6600, 8GB RAM (2x2GB G-Skill, 2x2GB Corsair), 9600GT)

    I've tried clearing the CMOS jumper in a variety of ways (although I didn't try the clearing it for 30 minutes method until the very end), all to no avail. No USB plugged in, tested all 4 sticks in slot 1, nothing works. Is there anything I might have forgotten, missed, or does it look like I need to RMA my board?

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    Default Re: EP35-DS3L Endless Reboot

    doh, I hope you didn't get a bad flash.

    One method I try as a last resorts and always works if you didn't get an error on the flash..

    1. unplug the psu power cord
    2. set clear cmos to clear
    3. remove battery
    4. let it sit over night.

    In the morning you should be able to put everything back and fire up just fine. Go directly into BIOS and load optimized defaults (you should always do this after each flash).

    I find these newer high end boards seem to be able to hold a lot of electricity and keep the BIOS from clearing. Not sure why but all my DFIs need at least 15 miutes for a normal clear when I mess things up. My Asus P5Q needed overnight on last failed OC. I let it sit for an hour and it still wouldn't clear, so I reset before bed, woke up and all was OK.

    Good luck

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