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Thread: Stock Q6600 on GA-UD3P Mobo

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    Default Stock Q6600 on GA-UD3P Mobo

    I was wondering If i am able to OC my stock Q6600 safely. Currently idles around 26 degrees celsius. Using the Antec as the case too. Just want to know how far I can OC it, without any problems.

    Currently Running with 4GB ram @ 1066 Mhz also.

    Somewhat new to OCing, i need some help. Thank you.

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    Default Re: Stock Q6600 on GA-UD3P Mobo

    What cooler do you have? With stock your overclock would be limited, but if you have a different cooler then for sure you can overclock

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    Default Re: Stock Q6600 on GA-UD3P Mobo

    As I stated, I have everything on stock, even the cooler.

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    Default Re: Stock Q6600 on GA-UD3P Mobo

    As a very approx guideline, providing you case is reasonably well ventilated and your room ambient isn't 40c (ie very hot country), then a safe bet with a stock cooler (and you have the larger Intel version with the Q6600), would be to try upto 10% and monitor your cpu temperatures.

    First thing to do would be to monitor your temperatures at STOCK from idle to Full load using Prime95. I assume you have the PWM Intel fan on Auto, so it will increase/decrease speed in response to core temperature. These fans have a top speed of around 2500RPM. So if at stock running Prime95 and with a room ambient of say 20C, your fan is spinning at 2500RPM and the cores are around 55C, i'd say an overclock would not be adviseable with the Stock Cooler.
    However if after running Prime95 for an hour and your temperatures were say 45-50C and the fan was spinning at 2000Rpm or less, then you would have some scope to overclock using the stock cooler.

    I'm using the Intel stock Cooler on my E8200, which is smaller than the Q6600 Cooler (half the height/half the area), although it is a more frugal chip. I am running it at 3.0Ghz (over 2.67Ghz Stock) and with a room temp of 24C, it gets no hotter than 57C running prime95 for a few hours.

    Software tools for temperature monitoring:-
    Everest, Realtemp, CoreTemp, HwMonitor, Pcwizard, Cpuz etc......

    Stress Testing:-
    Prime95, OCCT etc......

    Memory Checking:-
    Memtest, Vista's Memory diagnostic etc....
    GA-P35C-DS3R Rev2.0 F11 bios, E8200 (@3.0Ghz), OCZ DDR3 PC3-10666 Reaper 4GB (@1200Mhz), Xonar D1, 8800GTS 512, Corsair HX520 (Single 12volt line, Max 40A), WDC 3200aaks/5000aaks in AHCI mode, Vista 64 Premium.

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