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Thread: X58 Extreme - Auto reboot problem

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    Default X58 Extreme - Auto reboot problem

    Today I put on my cpu waterblock, go into Vista Ult. x64 and run some Prime95 blend stress test to see if runs much cooleer. It was peaking at 88 within a few mniutes before and now peaks at 70 after 2 hours.

    I decide to reboot and see if I can get a better OC. on reboot it gets stuck in this perpetual reboot cycle and won't even post any post codes at all. It comes on for just a few seconds and reboots over and over.

    I kill the power on the power strip and turn it back on with the samee errors. I clear cmos and still nothing. I leave the power strip off while thinking a bit and after 10 minutes or so I turn it back on to see how things are and it posts as if nothing is wrong. I download the latest bios and copy it to flash stick and reboot. and auto reboot again. I kill power wait 5 minutes and it powers up fine again, I go into bios and load optimized deaults to clear the overclock and all other setting. reboot to make sure everything took and auto reboot. it only took me 10 secs to arrow key to load optimized defaults and hit F20 to save and exit and it still did it.

    I again power down for 5 min and go into BIOS and flash bios. when done it reboots and of course auto reboot mode. wait 5 and go in bios and load optimized defaults for new bios and again auto boot. I'm back in windows after the 100th or so auto reboot in a row. ggrrrrr.

    What happened? I just put on my waterblock, and bam! I see other people having the same issue but didn't notice any as bad as mine. I've been running this board fine now without issue for almost a week and then this hits out of nowhere.

    Everything seems fine when it finally boots. it just will only boot 1 time.

    anyway. if anyone of a cure I'd appreciate any help.

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    Default Re: X58 Extreme - Auto reboot problem


    unscrew your block, remove your cpu und take a light and a lense and look after the pins on your motherboard. This is one possible issue when some pins come in contact or make not a right one.

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    Default Re: X58 Extreme - Auto reboot problem

    ok, weird. I let it run all night folding and I wake up and it's locked up at detecting AHCI devices. I reboot and it is fine. It locks up again at AHCI a few reboots later. I then set my memory to proper volts/timings/speed. It now only locks up in windows and constantly. I slow my memory to stock with rated timings/volts the same and still lockups. I try changing all the timings/volts for a while and no luck.

    I'm reflashed back to F3 BIOS and so far no luckups in over an hour on all auto.

    Very strange

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    Default Re: X58 Extreme - Auto reboot problem

    I use mine for folding as well so the reboot issue had never been a problem for me. Until about 30 minutes ago. And now after 10 - 15 reboots I'm back on-line. I had to lower my Bclk from 168 to 150 until it booted correctly. And then I could increase the Bclk again to 168. Will reverting back to F3 make it more stable to boot? I have F4j atm.

    Best Regards,

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    Default Re: X58 Extreme - Auto reboot problem

    Well, as soon as I posted this message I locked up. I then manually set my memory volts/timings, but left my speed at 1066. it does fine for a while. randomly locks up.

    I decide to run prime95 and it locks in like 5-10 minutes consistently. I change speed/timing/volts of memory to no avail. I even set vcore to 1.2875 with a little better luck, but still locks up within about 20 minutes.

    Not sure what's up with this thing.
    I guess I'll just have to tweak a little and see what happens.

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