Apart from some on-off-loop issues I also have the problem that I can't get my PC to wake up from sleep.

There is no difference if the PC is put to sleep by the powerscheme or by hand... touching the keyboard/mouse/powerbutton just spins up the fans but that is it...no screen, no keyboard ....shutting the pc down by holding powerbutton for a few seconds and restart ('windows didn't shut down..blah blah')

I changed in bios to S1, that seems to fix sleep/awake issues but this sleep mode keeps my pc-fans running (so is not a real sleep)

- Vista64 (up-to-date)
- Ex58-UD5/F3
- Icore7 920
- 6 Gb OC Platinum 7-7-7-20
- HD4870X2 Sapphire
- 850Watt powersupply (Coolmaster)
- some other stuff like harddisk/DVD

Any suggestions?