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Thread: Boot Problem with GA-EP45-UD#P

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    Default Boot Problem with GA-EP45-UD#P

    First post..... Here goes,

    That's ........ GA-EP45-UD3P

    Was using the PC yesterday morning doing nothing special (reading email) and it just quits on me, shuts down and reboots. It's a semi-new build with new and older parts. The system has been stable for about a week and then.......

    When I turn it back on again it boots to the initial screen comes up with notation of Bios, CPU etc. and during the memory count phase the screen goes blank and No Signal appears and then reboot, No Signal, repeat, repeat, repeat. I turn it off.

    New PS, new memory, new motherboard, new video card, and new case. Had a couple of BSODs the last couple of days which I didn't pay much attention to, but the system booted up and seemed to be fine afterward. Watched a couple of video's the previous night without problem and played a couple of games Far Cry 2 and Crysis Warhead without incident.

    I've cleared the CMOS, which at least got me back to the Logo screen with the prompts below, but now can't get past this screen.

    I've taken all the components out and put them back in one at a time with the same result, I can't get to the BIOS screen for love nor money.

    I've taken the memory out and replaced it with known good memory one stick at a time, replaced the the video card and the sound card with known good ones and the problem persists, I can't get to the BIOS screen.

    Power supply seems to work fine, all fans power up, motherboard lights up, lights on video and sound card light up...... The only thing I can't test is the CPU as I don't have a spare.

    I bought a PS2 keyboard to see if that was the problem to no avail.

    Suggestions welcome..... Help!
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    Default Re: Boot Problem with GA-EP45-UD#P

    So do you have the 8pin power connected to the board?

    Did you try with only 1 stick of memory in the 1st slot closest to the cpu?

    After you get it going you need to run a stress program and/or memtest to see if its stable.

    It sounds like your running everything at stock, which is fine but still may not be stable. If this is the case then its most likely the memory settings that need adjustment.

    Run memtest to see if you get errors, which you likely will. Make sure the Dram voltage is what its supposed to be for your memory and the timings are what its supposed to be.

    Post your bios settings here
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    Default Re: Boot Problem with GA-EP45-UD#P

    I've been building my own PC's for 20 years and have never had a problem like this one, mind you this is my first Gigabyte experience, so far I'm not a real fan.

    Everything is connected, I only have one stick of memory in the PC, I've stripped it bare save for what I need to diagnose things.

    I can't get to the bios settings. The initial boot screen comes up recognizes the bios version, the CPU and memory, no amount of pushing DEL, F12, or F9 on both USB and PS2 keyboards get me anywhere other than to NO SIGNAL and a repeat of the boot screen ad infinitum.

    Where shall I turn to next?

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    Default Re: Boot Problem with GA-EP45-UD#P

    Huh, so no beeps, just freezes at the splash screen.

    What PSU is it? and how many watts? Can you try a different one? PSU will run fans even when they are shot, they just cant handle the load sometimes. Even though I'm positive that many people have RMA'd motherboards when other hardware was at fault so I wouldn't blame you for RMA'ing the mobo right now. What all are your running as far as videocard, ect..

    What CPU?

    You should do a long clear CMOS, like leave it for an hour or longer, also remove the battery when you do it.

    Other than that, swapping the PSU or CPU are the only other suggestions I have, besides only using 1 stick of mem in the 1st slot(try red and yellow).
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