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Thread: Question about GA-X48-DS5 and beta bios F8a

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    Default Question about GA-X48-DS5 and beta bios F8a

    I have the GA-X48-DS5 board with the F7 bios and I'm waiting for my new processor to come in: Q9650. Gigabyte's site lists bios F8a as required for this processor. This bios is also listed as "beta". Will I have any problems using this beta bios?

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    Default Re: Question about GA-X48-DS5 and beta bios F8a

    The answer is NO you will have no problems.If you do not change to new BIOS you may end up with problem.The update has been out for awhile and i have not seem any one say that they have had any problems or issues with Beta on any of the X48-DS 4,5,or 6boards.You should be happy with OC you will get on that board.I have Q9450 and I'm able to get it to on air to 3.6.The only suggestion i would give and i think this goes for all X48-DS board is get Mushkin for the ram.This is the only place i have had trouble when i used Corsair XMS2 it limited my OC and had some stability issues.
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    Default Re: Question about GA-X48-DS5 and beta bios F8a

    I have had this build for about two weeks now and tomorrow I'll be getting my Q9650 processor from the Egg. After that, I'll let me system break in for a few more tweaks (ha!) before trying my hand at OC'ing this fella.
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