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Thread: GA-EP45-DS5 Lockup problem...

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    Default Re: GA-EP45-DS5 Lockup problem...

    Quote Originally Posted by oskarom View Post
    With 2x 2GB modules I did another test with timings 5-5-5-18, DDR Voltage 2.1V, tRFC = 70 and Performance Enhancement = Standandar like always, and it lockedup.

    You didn't need a tRFC of 70 for 4GB, but its shouldn't of been a problem.

    Anyway, providing you've tried things as to how I suggested then I'm getting stuck for suggestions.

    I think all you can do now, is to try one stick at a time at the optimised defaults, ie DDR2 voltage at 1.8volts and only change Performance Enhance to = Standard.

    So that's it!

    1) Load up optimised defaults, Save
    2) Re-Enter the bios after reboot and set:-
    3) Performance Enhance = Standard
    4) Change nothing else

    Test all 4 sticks of your XMS One at a time with MemTest 2.11

    If all sticks work individually, then that could suggest a motherboard memory slot issue.

    To be thorough if all sticks do work individually you could say flash to bios F9 as an alternative. It is still a relatively new bios release and is targeted at memory issues. Naturally those changes in theory should have been carried over to the two newer versions of the bios - however I think it's work a try. Do use Q-Flash to flash the bios (i'm assuming you've had to anyway)

    IF, all modules work individually and you do Flash to F9, remember to load up the optimised defaults and save. Also BEFORE you flash Proper, on the Qflash utility, Select DISABLE on "Keep DMI Pool".

    Once flashed and with two modules (4gb) in the PROPER locations, set in the bios:-

    1) Performance Enhance = Standard
    2) tRFC = 56
    3) DDR2 voltage = 2.0 volts
    4) Main timings manually selected to 5-5-5-18
    5) All individual timings within the advanced mem settings left to auto/default, BAR tRFC - See item 2
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