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Thread: GA-EX58-DS4 / Does it support dual channel DDR3?

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    Default GA-EX58-DS4 / Does it support dual channel DDR3?

    I'm in the middle of building my new machine and configuration is like below -

    Mobo - Gigabyte GA-EX58-DS4
    Memory - 4GB from two kits of ( G.Skill 2*1GB PC3-10600 1333MHz DDR3 9-9-9-24 )
    Per manual, only slot_1/2/3/4 are populated for dual channel configuration.
    CPU - Core i7 920

    The problem was that system didn't boot in any way( no screen output, no system beep) and I had to bring it to the shop where I bought Mobo/CPU from and they told me the board doesn't support dual channel DDR3 but only triple channel DDR3. When they tried the Mobo with their own triple channel DDR3 it booted like a charm.

    From Gigabyte website it is clearly saying that this Mobo supports dual chanel DDR3 but actually it doesn't?? What do you think is the real problem here?

    If it is true that this Mobo doesn't support dual channel DDR3 I'll have to retrun to the different shop where I bought from it would cause some frustration...

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    Default Re: GA-EX58-DS4 / Does it support dual channel DDR3?

    As I understand it with the Core i7 cpus the new optimal memory configuration is three channel (trichannel?). According to the specs on the Gigabyte website your board supports "Dual/3 channel memory architecture". This means that it will support population of all six memory slots (dual trichannel). Looks to me like if you wanted to populate all six slots then you'll need to get another pair of RAM. Other than that your options are to set aside one stick of RAM or buy a set of three and return the two pairs you have. Buying a different motherboard is not going to solve the problem because there really is no problem ...just a missunderstanding.
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    Default Re: GA-EX58-DS4 / Does it support dual channel DDR3?

    Just a guess, but if your two G.Skill kits are not identical you may need put the matching pairs in slots 1&3 and 2&4. Another thing to try is BIOS F4k, available from the link at the top of this forum (see sticky).

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    Default Re: GA-EX58-DS4 / Does it support dual channel DDR3?

    Ok guys, I found the reason and fixed it.
    Seems like there is theoretically no architectural difference between dual chanel / triple channel DDR3. Only difference would be packaging and whether they are tested on X58 platforms or not. That's it. In my case the cause of the problem was BIOS. After upgrading the bios to F4 using my friend's corsair DDR3, all of my GSkill memory are recognized without problem.

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