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Thread: EP45-DS3 - E8400 Overclocking.

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    Default Re: EP45-DS3 - E8400 Overclocking.

    Hmmmm. I would have thought you could tighten up the ram timings a bit, like 5-5-5-5-15, and maybe bring "performance level" (Static tRead) down to 8 or maybe even 7? Depends how far you want to go. LSD4Me helped me a lot with ram timings and we got my latency down from 73ns to a reliable 60ns testing with Everest. Others get to 55ns, but mine wouldn't do that.

    I noticed the stock ram timings were pretty loose on my son's EP45-DS3 mobo too.
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    Default Re: EP45-DS3 - E8400 Overclocking.

    Nice. I'm pleased my settings worked out for you.

    Don't sweat the ram timings. Sure they could be tighter and feel free to try and adjust them, but in terms of realworld performance there is no noticeable difference.

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    Default Re: EP45-DS3 - E8400 Overclocking.

    nah i wont change anything on the ram as i am happy with the overclock and everything is stable maybe when i will get bored or something i might consider overclocking more :)

    And thanks ALOT for the help sunburn :):)

    Hmm i think i could try overclocking my gfx card ^^ :):)
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