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Thread: GA-EP45-DS3L Problem Oc´ing

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    Unhappy GA-EP45-DS3L Problem Oc´ing

    Hello everyone¡

    I just purchased a GA-EP45-DS3L a couple of days ago, my problem is that before of it, I was using an MSI P6N-SLI (nforce 650i) with a C2D E6420.

    I had it overclocked to 3.200Mhz(400X8 FSB + 1.43Vc) and my memory Corsair XMS2 DDR800@950Mhz (V2.1)

    Everything was rock solid for moths, but I moved to this Gigabyte mobo because I´m planing on buying a new E8500 and oc it.

    Now my main problem is that I can´t oc my E6420 as far as I did on my old mobo.

    I have tried lots of configs and I´m using 4X1Gb sticks (I heard that could be a problem also), I also bumped my Vcore on the Cpu to 1.45 with no success. My memory oced to 940mhz using divisors and bumping also the Volts to 2.1-2.2

    Even so bumped my MCH Volt to 1.3 but my system gets very unstable and the best I had working rock solid was 3.120Mhz.

    What can I do guys?

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    Default Re: GA-EP45-DS3L Problem Oc´ing


    Somehow I just fixed my problem, It seems the problem was the Memory Channel Configs

    I saw that channel A and B, even with the same memory sticks, they had different values, I rebooted only with 2X1gb on channel A and copied those values, then I connected the other 2X1gb on channel B and just set the same values than channel A (assuming that is the same memory so...)

    Now I´m rock solid with my E6420@3.2Ghz and my memory working at DDR2 800@960mhz with 2.1V.

    Now I see this mobo is very bang for bucks ^^

    See ya guys

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