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Thread: Cold Boot Problem X58-UD5

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    Default Cold Boot Problem X58-UD5

    Got the X58-UD5 a few day ago and it has developed a problem in Cold Boot.
    When I turn the computer on Cold, it starts for 2 seconds, goes off for 3 seconds, starts again making a popping clicking sound, all the diode lights go on and off, but all the Blue diodes lights flash 3 time, then the computer continues to post and load windows. The board works well no other problems with it, no problems loading windows or running any programs, no problem with a warm boot.
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    Ran Prime95 for 6 hours with no errors, and also ran Memtest86+ Version 2.10 for 20 passes with no errors in the memory.
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    The Cold Boot problem happened with BIOS settings to all Defaults, or when I over clocked it adjusting a few voltage settings, CPU and Memory settings.
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    I know itís not any of the components, the Video Card, Memory, Power Supply, Disk Drives, because I used the same components on a EVGA X58 board with no problems.
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    Intel i7 940 20x190 3.8Mhz 1.344 Vcore
    Uncore x16 Set to Auto Volts
    Corsair Dominator TR3X3G1600C8D x8 1540Mhz 1.634 Volts
    BIOS Version F4r (Board Came with F3 Bios) problem in both Versions

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    Default Re: Cold Boot Problem X58-UD5

    Wish I could help here, but I can't!

    Are you sure you should be Using Auto voltages? I would not even at stock for most anything

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