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Thread: 9800gt & E8400 temperatures & diff dimms

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    Question 9800gt & E8400 temperatures & diff dimms

    Hi guys

    I`m not well versed on the inner workings of a pc so may ask
    what's the maximum sate running temperatures for E8400 dual core CPU and GB 9800gt gfx card on a ga p35 -s3g main board?
    I have changed the following setting in my bios. Robust Graphics Booster set to TURBO. Performance Enhance set to EXTREME. I don't wanna fry my pc now :-)

    Also memory in it at present is 2GB 2x1GB DDR2 PC2-5300 (333mhz) memory I intend to change these shortly for Corsair DDR2, XMS2-8500 2x128Mx64non-ECC 2x240 DIMM, unbuffered, 5-5-5-18 (1033mhz). Can I expect a big difference with the later memory ?

    Many thanks.


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    Default Re: 9800gt & E8400 temperatures & diff dimms

    Very Approx I would say:-

    e8400, safe max nominal 60C, Intel Max 72-74C depending on E8400 Version.

    9800GT aka G92 safe max 80-85C (Thermal Core Slowdown is around 100C). Apparently there are some 65nm & the newer 55nm 9800gt's out there, so the 55nm should in theory run cooler if the cooling method is setup the same. My 8800GTS (512MB) g92 (dual slot cooler) will occasionally hit 90C as you'll find many reviews on the net showing the 8800GT nominally doing the same under load - G92 too.
    Because the G92 "GT's" tend to have a one slot solution, their cooling is physically limited, so the fan tends to rotate a lot faster, creating more noise. As the core shutdown is so high on these cards (well all modern cards), they often relax the fan, cut some of the noise down just let the card run hotter. After the GF5800 noise disaster, Nvidia has really distanced itself away from noisy cards now - even if the GPU does run a tad hot.
    GA-P35C-DS3R Rev2.0 F11 bios, E8200 (@3.0Ghz), OCZ DDR3 PC3-10666 Reaper 4GB (@1200Mhz), Xonar D1, 8800GTS 512, Corsair HX520 (Single 12volt line, Max 40A), WDC 3200aaks/5000aaks in AHCI mode, Vista 64 Premium.

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    Default Re: 9800gt & E8400 temperatures & diff dimms

    Many thanks Vorlon, My GPU has topped at 66C and CPU has touch 60C ish once. I dont intend to OC at the moment its just with me changing those two bios settings.

    What are your thought on the DIMM upgrade I know it cant do any harm but will it make massive noticeable difference after upgrade ?

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