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Thread: ? about current raid 0 setup

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    Default Re: ? about current raid 0 setup

    Yes i have 1 and it seems to work?Also looking at your sig seems like you have RAM running at 1:1.You opinion 1:1 lowwer timming or as high as i can get it what do you think?I ran Bench test both ways and yes with Ram OC i get better speed but in real world apps. like gaming and basic comp use what do you think?I have Mushkin 996619 PC2-8500 i can get them as low as 5-5-4-13(3-4-4-48-3-7) this thats where theyare now @1080.What do you think about going to 1:1 strap with CPU@3.6(thats where it has been for 6 months and work the timmings of Ram to see where i can get it to maybe 900@4-4-4-12 and lowwer advanced timmings 2-3-3-(40-45)-2-(6 maybe 5) just a thought?
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    Default Re: ? about current raid 0 setup

    Ya, that is odd that it works yet is not showing in standard CMOS page?

    That all depends on you, the 1:1 question I mean. I would test several profiles by benchmarking them all to see which performs better for you at the settings you can get stable. I use 1:1 most often but not always, My PC is a jumbled mess more then anything, I use 3 BIOS's all with 8 different profiles in them and switch profiles about 10 times a day for various things and flash back and forth at least once a day as well testing various things for various reasons (Motherboard and Ram Reviews and testing various things for Various users here)..........

    So really I have yet to put my system where I actually want it to be as of yet

    You will just have to take advantage of your BIOS profiles (On the MAIN Page F11 is Save and F12 is Load) and see what performs best for you

    Right now I am running 4x1 Crucial's @ 1080 555-15 tRD 8 on 2.40B for some testing at 4Ghz >>>

    And just got done with this test over the Holidays While I had some spare time to let my PC sit around. 4Ghz 450 FSB 444-12 @900 tRD 8 2.00B >>>

    So, it really just all depends on what's on the testing block that day as to what my computer is running at.

    I don't think I have edited that part of my signature for a few months, that was just one day someone asked me why I had not added my new ram to my sig, so I went and done it. Heck, I dont even have L33tsig installed in this setup again yet

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