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Thread: GA-EP45-UD3R many problems!!

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    Default GA-EP45-UD3R many problems!!

    Hey all new to the forums and I've got kind of a puzzling situation that I'm hoping one of the guru's can help me with. I would like to apologize now for a long post, but I believe the more info that's provided the better of an analysis can be made.

    So, my fiance got me this board for christmas, along with a E8400 and 2x2G sticks of Crucial Ballistix PC 6400 memory. I swap everything out of my case, get the computer back into my room and hook up only the monitor, keyboard and mouse. hit the power button and the computer comes to life.... for about 3 seconds. goes into endless reboot cycle. found out that my 24 pin plug wasnt pushed in all the way. after correcting this, it booted up fine and even made it all the way to windows to the point of it telling me that my "hardware has significantly changed and you need to reactivate windows". now you would think this is a successful build story, but it hasnt even started yet.

    so i reboot the system with the intention of getting the BIOS set up and reinstalling windows. BIOS comes up, I set the time, boot order, etc. and save and exit. put the windows CD into the disk drive while the system reboots (it actually turns off my computer for about 4 seconds then starts back up, not sure if this is normal for GB). it makes is to the screen that says setup is detecting hardware... then the screen goes blank. the monitor does not go into standby mode or anything, just goes blank. i hit the reboot button (again, it shuts down completely then starts up again). no BIOS somes up, no POST beep, it just sits there wit all the lights on. about 10 seconds later, it shuts off on it's own and starts back up. it then proceeds with the reboot cycle again.

    I have to cycle the power on the PSU to clear the problem, and when I do all of my BIOS setting except for the date and time are set to default. I also get random lockups in BIOS. Now i have tried a few things to get this to work. I have moved the ram sticks from the 1 and 3 slot to the 2 and 4 slot. unplugged one of my disc drives and hard drived leaving my main drive and my other disc drive plugged in. reseatted my video card, and tweaked the BIOS settings for the RAM (i heard after the fact that crucial ballistix isnt too hot on this mobo). i eventually took one stick of RAM out and it seems to be working better. I can now actually get INTO windows setup before the screen goes black on me and I have to cycle the PSU power. If someone would be kind enough to post a settings template I would be more than happy to post my BIOS settings.

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    Default Re: GA-EP45-UD3R many problems!!

    So 1st you need to have the memory in slots of the same color for dual channel, this would be slots 1 and 3. Go into bios and load optimized defaults, then change the Dram voltage to what is stated for your memory. Reboot.

    If you cannot boot, then start with only 1 stick in the 1st slot.

    Either way if you have issues, run memtest from a bootable CD, either on both sticks or 1 at a time, run it overnight or ~8hr to see if you get any errors, 1 or more error is not good.

    Also try to disable Legacy USB support

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    Default Re: GA-EP45-UD3R many problems!!

    I have one RAM stick loaded in slot 1 right now with voltage set at 2.0V which is what is rated on the sticker. I also have Lagacy USB disabled right now.

    After I disabled Legacy USB it seemed to stop the repeated rebooting problem and my BIOS settings are now sticking. I loaded optimized defaults before changing the RAM voltage and changing the USB setting.

    At this point in time I can get to Windows setup, but my screen goes black again if I try to reinstall Windows from scratch. I am currently running a repair install to see if i can make it through that. It is currently at 65% of copying files. I will post back if/when it finishes and i have windows back on my screen. Hopefully my next post will be from my own computer.

    I dont think it's a bad stick of RAM so much as it is needing to play with the settings in BIOS as I've heard that Crucial Ballistix is finicky on this mobo. If it fails again, I will try to put my old RAM back in (2x1G Crucial Ballistix) as I know these sticks are good.

    Edit: Well it made it through copying files and rebooted. When it came back up to finish the install, the screen went blank within about 15 seconds....

    Edit2: I cannot run memtest as it locks up invariably within a few minutes (but no errors!)
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    Default Re: GA-EP45-UD3R many problems!!

    Update: Ok I was finally able to complete setup and install Windows. Apparently one of my RAM sticks was bad, as I put my old RAM back in and suffered no reboots or lockups the whole time installing Windows. So I get to the desktop and install my mobo drivers with no issues. I turn off my computer, hookup my data hard drive, my LAN cable, my speakers, and my internal memory card reader. Turn my computer on, get into BIOS to make sure my data drive isnt set as primary and... boom lockup and screen goes blank. Turn off and back on and it goes into reboot loop. So I cut the power at the PSU, and start unplugging what I had plugged in one by one. First the Internal card reader. No luck, lockup right after Windows loads up. Second goes the data drive. Lockup on POST this time. Third up is the speakers. I make it all the way to installing firefox and halfway to downloading AVG before it locks up (about 5 mins). I'm still thinking there is something in the RAM settings that is causing this. If anyone has experience with Crucial Ballistix RAM and this mobo it would be much aprreciated on help with RAM settings.

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    Default Re: GA-EP45-UD3R many problems!!

    Are your RAM settings on auto? What is the voltage spec of your Ballistix? If you can get into the BIOS again manually set the RAM voltage to the manufacturer's spec. Auto gives you 1.8 volts I believe, which may not be enough for your RAM when the rest of the settings are being determined by SPD.

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    Default Re: GA-EP45-UD3R many problems!!

    RAM voltage is at 2.1V spec is 2.2 on the old sticks but only 2.0 on the new ones, which is strange considering they are the same brand only different sizes. In any case it is all irrelevant now. I am sending the board back to newegg on account of incompatibility with my RAM for a refund. These look like good boards from what I've read, but I don't want a board that I have to tweak every little detail just to run it at stock speeds. I don't even want to think about what I would have gone through when I started to OC. I appreciate everyone's help in trying to get my problem fixed

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