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Thread: CPU phase LED issue, please help!

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    Default CPU phase LED issue, please help!

    please help, this is my first build and im unsure about the safety of my newly purchased hardware..

    just put together the following build:

    MB: GA-EP45-DS4P
    CPU: C2D E8400 (stock cooling)
    GPU: MSI R4870 512mb
    RAM: Kingston DDR2 2x2GB 800
    HDD1: Samsung SATA 3.5" 500GB
    Burner: Pioneer SATA DVR-216
    PSU: Antec Neopower 650w Blue
    Case: iCute S901 5G1

    it turns on & will enter bios, seems to be running fine, all fans are running, im just concerned however, that it seems it might be stressing the CPU out for some reason as over the first 60 seconds of being on, the fans seem to be constantly accelerating, & the phase LEDs are always showing full CPU load. is this fine, or a warning sign that something is wrong?

    the tweaker menu in the bios says its running by default at x8 multiplier & 2.66GHz, but thats not what the E8400 specs are supposed to be at all..

    the PSU fan LED is on & red because nothings connected to that socket (doesnt seem to need to be as the PSU fan runs anyway & there is no 3pin fan wire from the PSU.)

    does it seem like im doing something wrong with the hardware so far?
    am i at risk of destroying the CPU if the phase LED's show its at full load even though all ive done is enter the bios so far?
    does the CPU load mean how hard its working, or how hot its running?
    should i let it run longer than a minute or two?
    should i change the bios to meet the proper CPU/RAM specs?
    should i ignore the phase LED & go ahead & install an OS?

    thanks for your help, eager to get it running.
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    Default Re: CPU phase LED issue, please help!

    The Phase LED's will always stay on full when you are in the BIOS or DOS. You can disable them if you like, and make your CPU run at full speed at the same time, by disabling C1E and EIST in the BIOS. If you want to leave the LED's and those features enabled then do so, you will be fine and the LED's will go down to green once you get inside windows

    You have not loaded optimized defaults yet that is why your CPU is not picked up properly. You MUST Do this anytime you build a system or flash the BIOS. Please load optimized defaults and then set your RAM Voltage ONLY and save/apply/reboot BACK to the BIOS as you will need to set ALL Settings again. Do not forget your SATA/Disk and boot priority settings these will also need to be set again

    Those Phase LED's only show the amount of Power Phase's enabled for use, not the actual CPU load at all. YOu are fine for sure

    Load optimized as noted above then setup your BIOS settings again and install your OS and you will be fine

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