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Thread: GA-EP45-UD3R 1.1 + E1200 1.6 oc to 3.2 on air.

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    Default GA-EP45-UD3R 1.1 + E1200 1.6 oc to 3.2 on air.

    My E7200 is now ship to rma dept, This board sure it can kills cpu with too high vcore...*cough*ithinkimessitup*cough* hack...spit, rest in peace, Anyway I decide to spend 50 bucks budget cpu that is E1200, why did I chose this stuipd low-down wimp celery sure...looky this link at Computer Upgrade Guides Reviews Howto Hardware Database very interesting.

    E1200 1.6 OC to 3.2 is about more and less equal to E6400, not too bad for my tempary cpu while E7200 in the shop.

    Thought shared info.
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    GA-EP45-UD3R REV 1.1 BIOS F11 (stay away F10F)
    New Intel Pentium E6500 9x500 FSB=4.5 GHz on air
    .SKILL PI BLK 2x2GB DDR2 800 1.8-1.9v CL4 @ 500 MHZ
    MSI GTX 260 OC 620/1080/1296 (192 SP)
    Windows 7 64bit build 7600

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    Default Re: GA-EP45-UD3R 1.1 + E1200 1.6 oc to 3.2 on air.

    Was you setting your own Vtt and Pll on your dead chip??? If not that may be what killed it

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